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Have you ever met someone off of the internet?

If so, tell me the story. How did the meeting go?


I'm surprised... I thought there would have been more people who have. I want to some day myself. Seems interesting

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  • Andi
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    well first i want to say you shouldn't meet anyone online because it's not worth the safety risks. so many people have been raped or murdered because of meeting people off chat rooms, dating sites and even craigslist. i guess i can trust those dating sites where you have to pay to get matched up with someone else by personality. it seems a lot safer than chat rooms and stuff since real creeps probably just want to lure someone young and stupid for free.

    anyways, on to my story. i actually did meet someone, in a chat room. back when i was like 15 i was in a music related chat room and started talking to this guy that i got along with a lot. turns out he lived like half an hour away from me so we exchange phone numbers (after chatting for a long time) and started talking on the phone a lot. we had a lot in common and started to really like each other. we decided to meet up at a mall to watch a movie and we had a good time and really hit it off. we started going out but didn't really tell people how we met cuz it was embarrassing to us. we ended up going out for a little over a year and broke up over personal differences. but while we were together it was a great relationship.

    even though it ended up well, it could have been disastrous. he could have been some old guy that wanted to rape me or even kill me. this happens a lot more often than you would think.

    if you plan on doing this be really careful, always have someone with you or that knows where you are going and meet in a very public place. if anything sounds suspicious don't do it at all.


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    Yes, I have actually. I met my boyfriend of a year and a half from the internet, myspace to be more exact. Talked with him on msn for like a year before that and then one day I seen him in town and it went from there.

    I don't meet up with people from like all over the world or anything, just keep it in my home city.

  • julez
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    I have met several people from the internet. Several didnt go further than that first meeting but a few did. one of them I dated long distance for 3 years, one I dated for about 6 months and one I ended up marrying! You have to be careful and have realistic expectations when meeting people.

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    Indeed I have. I've met 3 different people off the net.

    #1. We met in my hometown after talking online for about 2 weeks. Went to dinner and the beach, it went really well. We ended up dating for a year and half afterwards.

    #2. Met on and started dating. I dropped my life to move out to Oregon after we were together for 2 months. And everything was good for 4 months and then she kicked me out.

    #3. Met a girl off Myspace an hour away from me. Went to the mall and her friends apartment. I think that was the best meeting with anyone I've had before. :)

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    Yes, I have. Four of them actually.

    I first met them from Y!A about two years ago.

    All the meetings went well. We are now all good friends.

    Not going to tell you the whole story - too long. Three of them I met up in Melbourne and the other, I met up in Sydney. We still keep contact and see each other regularly.

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    Well yeah I have, but the thing is it was my best friends friend....

    She moved to a different state and told me I should email her new friend because I would really enjoy talking to him... and I finally got to met him in person... he was awesome...

    but that was a special case most of the time I dont suggest you actually meeting someone from off the internet

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well I never met anyone off the internet that I call my boyfriend, but I do have some friends across countries that I still talk too,but they is as far as I would go with internet guys.. Too scary now and days.

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    The meeting was in a open area where many college students attend classes, and the guy was oops, a mess. He had social issues, though he was willing to meet someone. To easy for me.I wasn't looking for a lollipop.

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    Yes only because we found out we knew the same people even though it was a random meeting he lived just down the street too. I would not do it if the circumstances weren't as comfortable as they were. If your thinking about it don't do it because the net is a scary place.

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    When I played a lot of Halo 3 and took a trip to California I met some of the people I had played with for years. It was pretty cool.

    Not the same, I know, but hey.

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