1996 Cadillac STS Light comes on when car warmes up?

when car is cold the oil light is normal when it warms up and at

idele the light comes on and says low oil presser


mileage is 111000, oil is full and have oil leak in front of car when i raise rpm the light goes off when idele is norm the light goes on.

Update 2:

oh. 10-40w

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  • 1 decade ago
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    how many miles on this jewel? when was the oil changed last? what kind of oil are you using? are you changing the oil or having someone else do it?

    i'm going to say either the oil is dilluted with a foreign substance which is making it thinner, thus tripping the low oil pressure lamp...or...

    there is excessive bearing clearance on either your main, rod, or cam bearings. keep in mind this is a V-8 DOHC engine, lots of clearances to discuss here.....or.....

    your oil pressure sender is faulty....or.....

    the oil level is so low that the pickup tube is sucking air and dropping the oil pressure like a brick.

    Source(s): www.xowey.com gm tech 7 years gm master certified ase master with L1
  • 3 years ago

    i could get the tappets regarded at for the knocking sound, which would be high priced, reckoning on what share valves your vehicle has and for the white smoke, i would not difficulty as long because it fairly is purely for roughly 30 seconds and it fairly is white.

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