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Why do countries with socialized medicine have longer life expectancies, I thought they killed people at 65?

That's what you all keep saying that it will lead to people being denied treatment because they are old.


1. AARP supports health reform, gotta wonder about that.

2. Why do countries with socialized medicine keep people alive longer than our system does?


Liberal Slayer---why should I move, I won the election...I like what is happening.

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    The British NHS does cover the elderly and they do have access to decent levels of care, indeed the new NHS Constitution clearly states that all patients should be treated equally no matter what age.


    What is more, the new UK Equality Bill will make it illegal to discriminate against the old in terms of access to NHS Treatments and other such aged based discrimination.



    Cancer Survival Rates are subject to numerous factors relating to definition and recording.



    Dr Harry Burns, lead clinician for cancer in Scotland - the equivalent of England's newly appointed cancer tsar - said that figures showing higher death rates for Britain than Europe and America were not comparing like with like.

    The system for registering cancer deaths is much tighter in Britain than elsewhere. A cancer patient who dies of a heart attack will be registered as a cancer death in the UK, while other countries' cancer registries tend to understate their death rates, Dr Burns said.

    Eurocare II throws up oddities which cast doubt on the validity of the figures. The study, showing five-year survival rates from 1978 to 1989 for 17 countries, suggests Estonia has the best rate for certain cancers, above that of prosperous Germany and France.

    It also shows that immigrants to Switzerland have a higher survival rate than the resident population - because most return to their home countries in their final months and their deaths are not recorded.

    Separate evidence from international trials shows that British patients included in the trials do just as well as patients from other countries, casting doubt on the claims that treatment is less good in Britain.

    Dr Burns said: "Until we have a properly designed study comparing like with like, it is daft and demoralising to say we do badly. There is no evidence that British patients are dying more frequently than they need to. We are underselling ourselves and it doesn't help public confidence."

    His view was backed yesterday by Dr Peter Boyle, the director of epidemiology and biostatistics at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan. Dr Boyle said international comparisons could not be relied on because the disease might be more advanced at diagnosis in some countries than in others."There may well be differences [in survival] but we can't say whether they are due to treatment, diagnosis or something else. I don't think anyone knows the true position," he said.

    Dr Boyle said global comparisons of this kind were meaningless: " Is spending money the key thing or is it spending it appropriately? We need to know the outcome of higher spending for individual patients, but that is difficult to assess."

    The best cancer units in Britain provided care that was the equal of any in the world but the standard varied.

    There were also regional differences in death rates. Dr Boyle said the best hope lay in the Calman-Hine proposals for spreading "best practice" by concentrating cancer care in specialist units linked to district hospitals.

    "Calman-Hine was a huge breakthrough that put the patient, not the organisation, first. It has been very successfully implemented in Birmingham and Yorkshire.

    It should ultimately lead to a better deal for patients," he said.

    Finally people come from all over the world to be treated at London's Harley Street, whilst Americans travel to Mexico in their hundreds of thousands for cheap operations.




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    To be fair, the difference in life expectancies is usually only one to a few years. The United States has a very large and diverse population that's becoming even more diverse with waves of immigration - some of the highest immigration rates in the world, in fact. People from poorer parts of the world who lived in countries with sub-standard nutrition and health care, in part, bring down national averages. They also need a generation to become fully assimilated and successful quite often, and this affects numbers, too. Also, I'm sure the fact that the US has so much access to food, including unhealthy food, has its impact. I'm not complaining - the US' unprecedented wealth is amazing when historically and globally viewed, but there's no denying that Americans enjoy a very large selection of foods that aren't always the healthiest, and that these take their toll over time.

    When you're dealing with a difference of three years, then it's difficult to draw an overwhelming conclusion from that. If the US life expectancy were 45 as opposed to Europe's 81, then I'd say you had something.

    P.S. The AARP supports health reform because it represents old people. Old people, who need more medical care than anyone, obviously support free health care. This isn't necessarily in the interests of Americans, but it's what benefits them. This is the same group spreading myths about the solvency of Social Security because its current members don't want to jeopardize their monthly checks with reforms that could actually save the program.

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    I haven't heard that they kill people at 65. Life expectancy has to do with many factors. Chief among them is whether or not you live a healthy lifestyle. Americans are notorious for unhealthy eating habits and the corresponding obesity.

    If you compare survival rates of various diseases, particularly cancers, the US has the best health by far. This difference in survival rates translates to 10s of thousands of lives each year. Senator Chris Dodd just announced he has prostate cancer. Do you think he'll be going to Canada or England for treatment since they have such good health care? Of course not, but the rich and powerful in those countries, do come here for treatment. (link one)

    Also, if you account for the difference due to fatal injuries, not related to health care, such as homicides and car accidents, the US comes out on top among industrialized countries. (link two)

    AARP is a liberal organization before it is a health organization. It does a lot of things that aren't in the interest of seniors. It sells its name to health insurance providers who can then say "endorsed by AARP." Seniors think they're getting a good deal based on that when in fact they could have gotten the same insurance more cheaply from a company not endorsed by AARP.

    So you see, if you actually dig into the numbers, you get your answers.

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    Firstly it would to help to see some sources to back up your statement. Not just the number, but some detailed info. In Italy people have higher life expectancies and socialized medicine and health care but they also eat a healthy diet and are very active.

    But I noticed that in Italy people hardly ever go to the doctors either. There are cases in some of the more crowded cities where there aren't enough doctors and you either wait or bribe. Not to mention people there don't want medical professions because of the schooling isn't worth being paid a government regulated salary that isn't much more than working in an office or a shop.

    You must also take into consideration that many Americans are immigrants who come from third world countries and are too late in the game to increase their life-span. Plus we eat alot of junkfood.

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    To be fair, you have to consider that, in countries with socialized health care, citizens do not have access to fast foods, processed foods, sugars, and soft drinks like we have in the USA.

    Nevertheless, I do agree with you. That the USA has the best healthcare in the world is false. We rank 37 in the world, behind Costa Rica and Colombia, just to name a couple.

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    the justifications for existence expectancy are complicated, easily get admission to to wellbeing care is area of it, yet there are different factors. Canadians, working example, are only fit generally than human beings. i've got continuously got here upon this unusual with the aid of fact they are caught indoors for a huge area of the year, and that they smoke so plenty better than we do. yet needless to say there is extra to it than their wellbeing care. Suffice it to assert that Canadians get measureably as stable or extra advantageous wellbeing care as human beings, for extra or less 0.5 the fee. in reality our own 'single payer' gadget, Medicare, not only is plenty extra efficient yet has extra advantageous client delight than commercial coverage.

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    Oh yeah, the kill old people AND bureaucrats keep you from getting treament.

    Unlike in private care, where HMOs keep you from getting treatment or even coverage.

    @downwithsocialism: I'm guessing that you think there is no drunk driving or gang violence in other countries? Interesting theory. Let's ask a northern Irishman if there is any violence up his way. Or how about in the Sudan. No violence? I believe that there's is even black on black. Kills your point, doesn't it?

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    Because they have less unnecessary deaths. As in deaths that would have been prevented had the people gone to the doctor.

    The US is the only nation amount first world nations where people are scared to go to the doctor because of the expense.

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    Because they come over here in the USA to get help and the assurance of survival for a longer life. You better hope we are not going to be socialized, I will have no where to go but hell.

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    Understand this, AMERICA is not OTHER COUNTRIES, so for you to try & compare US to them is outright hilarious.

    We have Veterans Administration, Medicare & Mediaide and I have not heard any complaints from ANY of those PPL.

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