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Does US company have to charge GST when billing in Canada?

I am a consultant in the USA. I have set up a corporation that I bill through for my services. I recently received an contract in Canada. Do I charge GST? Do I need a GST #? The client is asking, since they require this information from all their other (Canadian) consultants.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you are not a "Small Supplier", i.e. your total worldwide revenue exceeds CAN $30,000 per year, then you need to register for GST as a foreign business.

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  • If you are providing a service in Canada, you will need to charge GST. Contact CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) for more details.

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  • ustico
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    3 years ago

    Mail order, catalog & cyber web sales are seen bought interior the region (state, city, u . s .) that the ORDERER is in on the time of order. you isn't combating the Canadian government, or the yankee the two. united statesbilled you, united stateswill turn you over to collections, united stateswill destroy your credit over this little bill. united statesalready paid the tax to Canada. look, i'm no fan of UPS, yet in this occasion, why shoud united stateswould desire to pay the tax and not be reimbursed with the help of the guy who has won the fee of the cargo (you). If the yankee business enterprise charged you sales tax, you need to have the ability to coach to the Canadian tax business enterprise for a reimbursement of that quantity, for that reason decreasing your total tax payout. it is only the way it quite is. My business enterprise ships to Canada just about prevalent, and each and all the responsibilities and import taxes are paid with the help of the RECEIVER. We (and the business enterprise you ordered from) does no longer deliver something to Canada if the receiver refused to pay the taxes.

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  • 5 years ago

    It depends on where the service is provided. If it occurs in the US for a Canadian client, then you generally don't have to charge tax. If the service occurs in Canada, then yes.

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