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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevisionDrama · 1 decade ago

Try to name Characters A-Z From Gilmore Girls?





so on... I will post answers later.. Lets see who will get them all :)

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    Okay I'm going to give this a shot! there were lots of names i could have used for certain letters but i only chose the ones that first popped into my head! Here goes:

    A-Al from Al’s Pancakes, Asher Fleming, Anna & April Nardini, Alex (dated Lorelei)

    B-Bill (staff member on Yale Daily News, Babette

    C-Colin (logan’s friend), Christopher Hayden, Caesar

    D-Doyle (paris’ BF) also Dean

    E-Emily Gilmore

    F- Francie (leader of the Puffs “Chilton secret sorority), Finn (One of Logan's Buddies)

    G-GiGi Christopher’s daughter and Rory’s half sister, Gil (in band w/ Lane) Gypsy

    H-Hanlin Charleston (headmaster of Chilton)

    I-Inger (in 4 episodes look it up i checked!! :) )

    J-Jess, Jackson, Jason Stiles "Digger" Jamie (Paris' First BF)

    K-Kirk, Kim (Mes. Kim)

    L-Lorelei Victoria Gilmore, Lorelei Leigh Gilmore "Rory" , Luke Danes, Logan Huntzberger, Lane Kim, Lindsay Lister (dean's wife), Lulu (kirk's girl), Louise (popular girl at Chilton BFF's with Madeline)

    M-Michel Girard, Madeline, Max (Lorelei's almost hubby!)

    N-Nicole Leahy (lawyer, & Luke’s first wife)

    O- Olivia (Rory’s Artsy friend during season 7)

    P-Paris Geller. Patty

    Q-Quan (one of Lane’s twin boys)

    R-Richard Gilmore, Rory Gilmore, Rachel (Luke's Ex-Girlfriend)

    S-Sookie St. James

    T-Tristin Dugray, T.J. Liz’s Hubby, Tom (construction contractor)

    U-Don’t believe that there are any U names

    V-Vivian Lewis (I believe she was in the DAR with Rory & Emily)

    W-Westin as in Fran Westin from Westin’s Bakery

    X-The closest I can get is “trix” Lorelei Gilmore (Richard’s mother)

    Y-Young Chui (lane’s fake BF)

    Z-Zack (Lane’s Hubby)

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  • 1 decade ago

    chi forgot babette's husband murray. from,me

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