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"Has anyone figured out the total the cost to taxpayers for the Medical Care Congress is rushing to pass?

On July 31, 2009 at Noon PST there were approximately 307,049,958 Americans.

Citizens for Tax Justice, a taxpayer watchdog group, says there are 117 million taxpayers in the United States—a figure the IRS struggled to provide.

The Treasury so far has committed $643.1 billion of TARP money or $5,496.58 for each taxpayer.

(…But some 50 other federal programs that began as early as 2007 could push the government's total financial support of the private financial sector to at least $23.7 trillion (or $20,256.64 each taxpayer), says TARP's special inspector general Neil Barofsky.)

The automaker bailout cost each taxpayer a total of $393.16.

This morning Congress has just spent another $17.09 of each taxpayer’s money to retire old gas guzzlers by approving another $2 Billion in funds for the cash for clunkers program.

The original program spent $8.54 for each tax payer. A total of $25.63 for every taxpayer going to the automakers to pay for trading in junk cars.

Or $418.79 going to the automakers for every return filing taxpayer. Not every American...just the taxpayers that file.

Since the first of the year, 8 months ago, Congress has spent in just two programs $5915.37 for every taxpayer and they haven’t passed the medical insurance bailout yet!

What is it going to cost each of the American taxpayers to insure medical services for all Americans?

Will it be more than the $20,256.64 potential TARP taxpayer expense?

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    $20,256.64 potential TARP taxpayer expense?

    In your dreams. We should be so lucky.

    One of the government program heads was quoted as saying the worst case scenario would be $80,000 each, although I think that is high.

    I do think all of it will be enough to collapse the dollar, though.

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    First of all it is not a medical insurance bailout. It is the government trying to take over our lives. The Congresses own budget committee estimated it would cost a trillion dollars and most likely more than that.

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