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In "Family Guy" why wasn't Lois Griffin excommunicated by the Catholic Church for trying to have an abortion?

Because in the 100th episode, "Stewie Kills Lois (part 1)", Peter and Lois are on a cruise ship and Peter jokes about the botched abortion to the ship captain, but that's how they had Meg (Peter & Lois's daughter).

I mean, they're clearly Catholic. In fact, there's this other episode where they both host the Pope in their own home! Why aren't they automatically excommunicated?

Heck, in a later episode their baby Stewie even gets to take communion! (And then they run off to Texas)

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    They are. The Church doesn't have to take any action to excommunicate someone who has or participates in an abortion. The excommunication is automatic and immediate. I'm not familiar with the show but it sounds like a good one to miss.

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    I am Roman catholic. I can understand your frustration over this matter, but I disagree about at least two things. First, the Catholic Church rules include automatic excommunication for some acts. Abortion is such an act. If someone participates directly in an abortion, or directly causes an abortion to occur - as some of the girl's family did, they are automatically excommunicated. It does not take a special declaration by the Church, but the Church sometimes makes such a declaration just to make it all clear. Second, that the Bishop declared that the family had been excommunicated by their own actions is not proof that the Church does not care about the little girl. The Church's position on the matter is the same as my own. Rape of a little girl is not cured by killing two innocent human creatures. There was no attempt made to resolve this awful situation in a positive way. Most doctors would agree that a nine-year-old could not carry the babies to full term. It is, however, possible that she could carry the babies a few more weeks until they could have survived outside of their mother, herself still a young child. This might have led to a positive resolution of a horrible rape. The complaint I and The Catholic Church have about the situation is that this option seems not to have been considered at all. The way the problem was addressed ended with the girl raped and her offspring slaughtered. I think it is worth considering the possibility that the little girl could have given birth to the twins in only a few more weeks. They would have been premature, but there could have been an effort to protect innocent lives. Instead, the people in charge chose to kill two innocent human creatures after one innocent human creature had already been raped. In my opinion, that made a terrible situation even worse.

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    This "issue" you're squawking about. . . . it's called a plot hole. It's what happens when the writers don't know what they're talking about AND/OR episodes run long and some of it has to be editted out so the show fits the time slot.

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    Because Lois is Protestant. Peter's side is Catholic.

    I agree though, she does do very Catholic things.

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    remember lois isn't catholic...that's why peter's (step) dad doesn't like her. Besides it's a stupid cartoon why would you care.

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    because that show follows the old sitcom format where congruity is only selectively engaged in when deciding what goes into future episodes. see, they don't want to change much in that format because they know that viewers don't want to be bothered with a developed storyline.

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    Because it's a cartoon and it's also quite sad that you think this would make a good question.

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    Plot holes in Family Guy?

    Say it ain't so!

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    If they tried and it didn't work, then there is no reason for them to be excommunicated. No harm, no sin.

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    I think they executed that whole show after the first few series.

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