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Bad areas in Detroit?

everyone says detroits real bad, it probly is but whats the VERY BEST and the VERY WORST

might move there. and other places too look at other quesitons


hah sounds bad.. i wanna live somewhere cold and the good areas are the suberbs?

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    In Detroit:

    Brightmoor in the northwest is probably the worst in the whole city.

    East English Village can get pretty nasty.

    Highland Park also can get really bad, but it's not the worst. Just lock the doors going through.

    Delray and Boynton in the southwest can get seriously nasty.

    Mexicantown CAN get bad, depending on where you are.

    The Suberbs:

    Inkster, Ecorse, River Rouge, Dearborn Heights, Redford, Southfield can all be kind of ghetto, it not full blown shitty.

    The Best in Both:


    Midtown (especially Woodbridge, Cork Town, Eastern Market, Museum District, and Wayne State Area)

    Palmer Woods, which is rich

    Boston Edison, which is also kinda rich

    Hamtramck, full of culture

    Warrendale, which is just cool

    West Village

    Mexicantown, east of I75 which is full of culture

    Royal Oak, Ferndale, Dearborn (but BE CAREFUL), Gross Pointe (also be careful), Wayandotte, and even further is Ann Arbor which is great.

    In general the east side is homogeniously worse the than the west side, but when the west side is bad it's seriously bad. That being said, Detroit is unlike any city in the U.S. and people will tell you it's terrible and people will tell you it's wonderful, but in real life it is the 3rd worst city in the country (and was number one for more than 30 years) and no matter where you are you should be careful.

    Source(s): Lived here my whole life. Google Maps, and personal or second hand experience
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    Downtown Detroit is a nice area. It's made a tremendous recovery from the problems of the 70's and 80's. The best neighborhoods (in no particular order) are: Indian Village, Palmer Woods, Rosedale Park, Boston-Edison. Sherwood Forest is pretty nice too.

    There are about 4 million people in metro-Detroit. 2.5 million of them live in Oakland and Macomb Counties to the north of the city. Making a daily commute from one of those counties to the city and back would be an absolute nightmare! Plan on 3 hours in traffic every single day if you were to live in say Troy or Auburn Hills and commute to Downtown Detroit every day, especially if it's a 9-5 job.

    The comment about Mexican town (or Southwest Detroit) is pretty accurate, but it should be noted that the area was a disaster until the Mexicans started to move in and build a community. It's gotten much better since then.

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    Worst Neighborhoods In Detroit

  • Look from a real Detroiter. Every place can be bad. there are really nice areas in Detroit. When I say nice I mean nice. Don't let the media fool you into thinking Detroit is all burnt up. get you a loft downtown and enjoy yourself.

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    I have Lived in Detroit 53 years, 10 in Highland Park the rest inside the city. I remember when my mother told me the streets of Highland Park were so clean you could eat off them. boy would she cry if she were a live today, I live on the west side of detroit.One of Detroit's nice's neighbor hoods the houses still look the same as yesterday but the city is so different Killings everywhere schools bus stops every other house from 8 mile to dearborn empty the city at it worse and the true detroiter belive and hope thing will get better but i know and they know it not

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Bad areas in Detroit?

    everyone says detroits real bad, it probly is but whats the VERY BEST and the VERY WORST

    might move there. and other places too look at other quesitons

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    I moved here from Texas last year and not so bad, people in Michigan period are not very optimistic but I like it! Live in the suburbs anything north of Royal oak(young and party place) and east of Birmingham. I live in North Sterling Heights, Utica, Rochester hills area and love it. Its got new apartments and condos and dining and shopping and downtown is 20 min away! People say there are no jobs but thats only if you work in construction or the auto industry. I found tons of jobs when i got here and work in sales.

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    That depends if u are talking like inside the actual city then yea its bad it's ghetto and corrupt. But if u are talking about suburbs near detroit like downriver etc it's just fine. Also where are u moving from? If u don't live in Michigan already I hope u realize we are basically screwed right now and there are no jobs even outside of Detroit.

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    All of Detroit is bad. There are nice suburbs surrounding the city, though. This video shows what people in the city of Detroit act like. Read the comments, too. Nice.

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    I believe Mexican Town is usually the worst, when you get into the little suburbs like that. Downtown is best. I lived in Ecorse/Del Ray right outside of Detroit and there was a lot of trouble there, I saw a man get half his face blown off down the street.

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