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NBA Street Ball 3 on 3 Quaterfinals Round?

Remember halfcourt games up to 21, 3pters=2pts,2pters=1pt, no FTs,check balls

#6 Spurs.vs.#3 Celtics

Spurs-Tony Parker,Manu Ginobli,Tim Duncan

Celtics-Ray Allen,Paul Pierce,Kevin Garnett

#10 Heat.vs.#2 Lakers

Heat-Dwayne Wade,Michael Beasley,Jermaine O'Neal

Lakers-Kobe Bryant,Ron Artest,Pau Gasol

#5 Magic.vs.#4 Nuggets

Magic-Vince Carter,Rashard Lewis,Dwight Howard

Nuggets-Chauncey Billups,Carmelo Anthony,Kenyon Martin

#8 Hawks.vs.#1 Cavaliers

Hawks-Mike Bibby,Joe Johnson,Josh Smith

Cavs-Mo Williams,Lebron James,Shaquille O'Neal

Which teams win this this round?

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    ---- Hey KONJ whats poppin?

    UMM i am sure than Manu does not know how to play street style lol jk.

    #3Celtics would beast on that.The have ballers who were born in the street.

    #10 Heat would win( let the thumbs down come) because Jermaine and Dwyane are street type players.Dwyane is probably the best street type baller in the NBA.

    No bias but LA has Gasol who has no experince in ballin.

    OO that's a hard one but since it's street D.Howard could do other stuff he doesn't get to do in the NBA. so #5 Magic win.

    DAAM THIS IS HARD! ATL knows how to ball in da street. But #1 Cavaliers would win .





    .Those are the teams that would win in my opinion.

    By Jamar

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    i think of Kings win reason Kevin Martin will take over in a street ball game. With Tyreke and Jason they're going to be extra effective the the knicks. additionally the Knicks have 2 massive adult adult males and a million little guy in street ball that would not help lots. Wizards: Thats purely unhappy. The clippers could have fairly and shot at winning. Camby is a stable rebounding protection guy, and Baron and Eric are stable offensive gamers however the wizards have extra effective gamers.

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    -.#6 Spurs

    -.#2 Lakers

    -.#5 Magic

    -.#1 Cavaliers


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  • Celtics - but there team should have rondo instead of pierce



    Hawks upset

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    Sadly, Magic (I'm not being biased for once, haha)

    Cavs (tight one)

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