Does lowerback and stomach tattoos hurt?

Me and my friend both want tattoos. She wants one on her lowerback, and I want one on my stomach. Were worried about how much pain there is though. So do these areas hurt like most tattoos, more, or less?

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    1 decade ago
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    I have two on my hips and they really did not hurt anywhere near as bad as my ankle, calf, or shoulder. I've heard that the lower back is painful, only because there really isn't much separating the needle from your bones. The only advice is that you consider your chance of becoming pregnant (couldn't tell from your question if you are a guy/girl). When or if you do, it will stretch out and deform really badly.

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    1 decade ago

    I have a lowerback tattoo. It was rather painful because the needle hits your spine, because there is no fat there. I remember feeling the buzzing of the needle in the back of my head as the pulse ran up my spine. I would have to say that my ankles and shoulder did seem to hurt more though, not sure why. But every person feels tattoo pain differently. Happy tattooing!

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    They do hurt on the lower back especially if you get a lot colouring done. I have 25 hours ink done to my torso so far and the colouring the worst. But its worth the pain when you see the result

  • I have both done. and the lower back was my first and it wasnt that bad. then i got some on my stomach and i got it on my lower stomach and only one side hurt cause i got it on both sides so it was kinda weird so i think every1 is more sensitive in certain spots. but both were tolerable.

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    1 decade ago

    im not sure lol

    but i want one on my lower stomach like on my hip

    so let me know! haha

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