Help with seventh grade math?

Ok I got all a's and b's in 6 grade exept a d in math. I'm going into 7th grade in september, and I know it's going to be even harder! any links, tips, or suggestions? Thank you!


also my teacher would teach us something toatally new, give us homework that night and then give a test the next day! that did not help me and i tried to tell my parents about my teacher but they just said I made excuses

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    If you go into your next math class afraid of failure, you will fail. You need to walk in there with you head held high knowing that if is ok to fail while working on problems. If you do, know who to ask(like your teacher) when you do not understand. I had trouble in math during highschool as well, but soon realized that I could ask my teacher for help, afterall, that is what they are paid to do. They will be more than happy to break it down for you. If you don't 'get it' after she has explained everything, ask again. This doesnt mean that you are stupid. Different people have different styles of learning(look up learning styles and you will see the complexity of the issue). Math is hard girl, I know it is! I just started college and was worried about it still. It's tough, but not impossible:) You can do it. Keep your eye on the bigger picture, if you do so, you will succeed. Learn how to accept failure because in order to learn we must make mistakes. Sometimes we need to make the same mistake hundred of times before it 'sinks' in. In every class there is always that one kid who is a math genius. I suggest that you befriend him/her and let her know how you feel about math and specifically what you need help in understanding and I guarantee they will be ecstatic to help you out. Do you get you books before your first day of school? If so, skim through the chapters and become familiar with what criteria will be in the class. Smile about the things you already know and focus on the ones you dont. Take notes about them, that way you will be ready to target the issue when the chapter comes about. Remember, try to keep a positive outlook on everything in life. If you find that you are telling yourself that 'you cannot do it' recognize it and tell yourself, quickly, that you CAN do it. You can move mountains, the only things is that you must master the proper technique in order to do so. Lastly, try to 'think outside of the box' and challenge the rules a little bit. Often times there are many ways to solve a problem, but our minds and those teaching us only show us a specific way. Try to draw pictures and take advantage of the problem's rules or lack there of. Google the Nine Dot Exercise and see what you can do to solve it. It is a really fun thing to do and it will help you understand what I mean by 'think outside the box'. If you cannot figure it out(i couldnt at first) look up the answer and then you will be like 'duh' but you will have a better understanding of what I mean and hopefully a boost of confidence knowing that you CAN do it:)

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    I was like you too. I was really horrible at math until it took the right teacher to break it down and teach me how to approach it. And now I've been getting straight A's in math for 3 years. :)

    I would suggest to either have a study buddy (someone who understands math really well) or to just hire a tutor. Sometimes we don't understand a certain teacher's explanation on a subject and we need it to be explained in another way.

    After and during class, you need to ask a teacher to explain something you don't understand, preferably when she/he's explaining it in class. Being an active listener is the best way to learn a subject. Also, after school, see if there are teachers giving tutorials that you can go and listen in on. This is your time to ask questions and review material before tests and quizzes.

    Source(s): A senior in high school who's dealt with the same problem.
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    Ah, 7th and 8th grade math. Those were the days when I never had to study for math, ever. In 7th grade, all I did was sorta like a prealgebra. It's really simple. You learn what slope is and stuff. In 8th grade, I took algebra I. (It's different for other schools, some take prealgebra in 8th grade and some take geometry) Algebra I is simple. Like 2X - 4 = 17, solve for X. Easy. :) I took geometry and algebra II as a freshman in high school. Geometry is annoying when you take it because there are all the postulates and theorems you have to memorize. (For me I had to memorize them word for word :( ...) But, geometry is mostly common sense, stuff you learned way back in the day. It's overall easy, I wish I was in 7th and 8th grade again!

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    before tests, take your book home and do problems from all the lessons you are going to be tested on. be sure you do your homework every night, and if you do not understand it, be sure to ask questions the next day or in "Extra Help". You can usually ask, if they do not specify at the beginning of the year, when they are available for Extra Help. It is usually available before school, during Break, or after school. Also, be sure you do not talk during class, and ask questions if it does not make sense. Math can be tricky, so it is very important to ask questions. Good luck!

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    Im not gonna say its gonna be easy but pretty much you can survive. Make sure you dont slack off or you will fall behind and be in a downward spirall. Pay attention and get help if you dont understand.

    then you can worry about 8th Grade math!!

    Source(s): Middle School
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    Seventh grade isn't all that scary.I actually just got out of it.Math will basically be the same,except you learn alot more.My advice to you is to just pay attention,and take good notes.If you do that youll do alot better.

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    the simplest any easiest advice.

    Study hard. If you don't understand something, you can always use on online math forum. The people there are extremely smart.

    I used that Forum for some help in High school.

    But remember, Hard work, sucks, but it always pays off.

    Source(s): High school Grad.
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    Many teachers have review classes. Evern if you do understand your math, you shoul attend these atleast once a week. (before school, after school, during luch, homework club) seems lame but it will help.

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    Get a math book from your local book store

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    ummm wait for the seventh grade textbook and look at the answers in the back.

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