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hey OLTL fans: i just read that stacey?

that stacey has a miscarriage and hides it from rex...ooohhh what do you all think? karma, thats what she gets or do you feel sorry for her?

btw, i just read this over on the OLTL MS page...leave your thoughts..thanks..

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    If Stacy were to have the baby, she'd just use it as a bargaining chip to get what she wanted. This miscarriage is unfortunate, but under the circumstances, the best way to go for the child's sake....and Rex's. No, I don't feel sorry for Stacy. She made really poor choices and needs to take responsibility for them and pay for them.

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    There is nothing bad that could happen to Stacy that she doesn't deserve. And any child born to her would be in so much trouble. She claims she love Rex so much. Well, if you really, really loved him you wouldn't have been willing to let his son die. And trust me, if she had a baby, it wouldn't be long before the baby became an inconvenience, getting between her and her precious Rex. A miscarriage is the best thing here for everyone. And if I were Rex, I'd make her do a strip search once a week to make sure she was still pregnant.

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    Down into the Bottomless Pits of Hell ... yet whilst that may not plausible, i could settle for her to be chained up into the comparable deep, dark dungeon she's have been given her and Gigi's father and mother filled up in. I extremely have a feeling that some-component's gonna take place, however. Gigi is only too overconfident ... and whilst that occurs, it generally ability that the cleansing soap writers are messing with us returned! edit: perchance Roxy and Gigi can petition the Witches' Board assembly to lend Stacey a broomstick for her to fly on out of Llanview ... and take some others along with her, huh?

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    I was hoping that she'd lose the baby. Can you imagine her as a mother!?! This has already done enough damage to Gigi and Rex. And the thought of her being around for at least another 9 months! No, I don't feel sorry for her. I just hope that if she covers it up and pretends to still be pregnant that, for once, someone will catch on right away and it doesn't drag out. Maybe Schuyler to the rescue again?

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    Great! I hope it happens that way. The kid is better off. But even if she does miscarry, she'll probably fake a pregnancy at least for a while. I don't think they'd have her fake the entire pregnancy and then have her steal a baby--2 stolen baby storylines in less than 2 years is too much. But I wouldn't be surprised if they tried it--those OLTL writers have been pretty lazy lately.

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    Yes ,in a way I feel sorry for her .It's hard to lose a child but I'm kinda glad she's going to lose the child.Plus if the baby was born .I couldn't imagine what the child would be like with a horrible person like Stacey for a mother.

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    lol I still like my idea better!

    Stacey has the baby,

    dies in childbirth,

    Rex & Stacey raise the baby,

    who is a stem cell match for Shane!

    No, don't feel sorry for her in the least!

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    Don't feel sorry for her one darn bit ! I read that too last night on MS and was like yes...oh no. Enough with the baby lies...whose baby is she gonna try to steal to cover it up? Let's hope none of the ladies in Llanview turn up pregnant this month!

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    what r u freaking serious? well he will probaly have to catch on bc she has to go to a dr and he tummy isnt going to get bigger so thats another thing, plus rex doesn't give a crap about her anymore, so he'll be thrilled to know there is no baby.

  • That's kind of what I expected to happen. There has to be more lies and drama. I feel sorry for Rex and Gigi, not for Stacy.

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