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Looking for a Joomla paid membership site solution.?

My foundation is Joomla.

I have plenty of components in which I think I need. These include:



JX Control

Anyway I'm looking for a key tip to connecting Virtuemart so that it sells memberships. Haven't been able to find anything yet. Hopefully you can shine some light on this matter.

All I'm looking to do is sell memberships. These memberships will be split up in levels hopefully but don't have to be. If you have any suggestions please write. Thanks


Thank you for your response. Here's the main problem that I'm looking to address. I need virtuemart to automate the membership signup process. Meaning I don't have to manually create and approve accounts. It should do this by itself. Any Suggestions?

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    are you selling memberships to the site, or memberships to something else? if its the latter, virtuemart can be wired to sell whatever you need it to sell. Upload your images, write your descriptions then...

    go to -

    Products>add product (your product eg. memberships)

    Then, once its created, go to list products and go to the 'product status' tab.

    Select 'new attribute' (memberships) then start defining properties(select 'new property', you could have an attribute called 'memberships' with three properties (levels of membership) at different price points. These would be named whatever you wanted to describe your memberships as.

    Lets say property 'standard' would be $1, property 'silver' would be $2 and property 'gold' would be $3. The user selects which level of membership they require and it would update the cart with the relevant info.

    Something else you could do to add some functionality is just have buttons in the description page that have a 'buy now' type function, and link them to automatically drop the relevant mebership type into the cart.

    On a somewhat related note, I dont know if you have plugged virtuemart in yet, but it looks terrible out of the box. Plan to spend some time with CSS to restyle your pages to fit the rest of your site.

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