birth control and breastfeeding?

I gave birth to my baby boy 8 days ago and my fiancé and I decided that an IUD would be the best form of birth control for us. When I went to the doctor today for my check (I had a c section) I asked about it and the nurse said I wouldn't be able to get it for 6 months. I thought it was safe while your breastfeeding? Is there another form that we should look into? Besides condoms of course? Thanks!

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    You probably used some form of birth control before having your baby. But contraception can be a whole different ball game for new moms who are breastfeeding. Here are your major birth control options -- and what they mean for you and your breastfeeding baby.

    There are no limitations to a breastfeeding mom who decides to go with a non hormonal method of contraception, such as a barrier method, family planning, or surgical sterilization. These non hormonal methods are optimal for breastfeeding women -- they don't affect breastfeeding or pose even a theoretical risk to the infant. Barrier methods of birth control include:

    Male and female condoms


    Copper intrauterine contraceptive devices

    Cervical cap

    Vaginal sponge

    Spermicidal cream, jelly, or foam

    You can use a copper IUD while you are nursing; it will not affect your breast milk. An IUD is a device that is inserted by your doctor. It means that you won’t be able to conceive until you have it removed by a professional. Often, women who have just given birth report easier IUD insertions. You cannot use any birth control that has one that has estrogen, or ethinyl estradiol, in it, such as birth control pills or the patch or the vaginal ring.

    Your best bet would be to use condoms and spermicide (sucks, I know) or get prostegin-only birth control (mini pills, mierena, etc)

    Good luck!

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