Tori spelling hair color...?

I am a fan of Tori Spelling and would love to have the same hair color as her. My hair is already blonde and kinda close to her color. I color my hair myself, so I was wondering if anyone could help me find the right brand and color that is closest to hers?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It sounds like you are a natural "dishwater" blond. As a professional hairstylist I'll give you my opinion, but it is just that, a professional opinion. Tori Spelling has a natural medium, ashy blond base. So, her hair will lighten well and easily. I would not recommend trying to get this color unless you are already a natural medium to light blond anyways, which I believe you are.

    Her hair is a cool toned, bleached, and high lifted blond with a toner to cancel out any warm/gold/brassiness left over from the lifting process. In other words this is a two part process on her hair. Looking at her regrowth tells me that her hair is weaved with bleach, and in between the foils her hair is painted with a high lift color (probably an ash base highlift) At first glance her hair looks as if bleach has been applied all over, but when you look closely her hair has dimension to it, it is not one solid, flat color. After her hair has been bleached and high lifted, I believe that a toner in applied to remove any unwanted warmth to her color. Probably a semi permanent level 10 V or P base. These are purple and blue bases that cancel out yellow undertones.

    So, this is how I would achieve Tori's look, and as you can see, not a look that I would recommend attempting at home. If you do, you'll have to bleach all your hair, canceling out the dimension that she has and you'll almost certainly be left with warm, unwanted tones. And toning your own hair unless you know what you are looking for can be scary.You may turn your hair gray. If you really want her true look, then spend a bit of cash and go get it done professionally. You won't be sorry this way, and you won't ruin your hair. I hope this helps you.

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