1994 Dodge Ram Van B250 5.2L MFI the problem is the engine cuts off going down the road or at an idle.?

When it runs excellent no problem than all of a sudden it is like you turn off the key or cut off the fuel sometimes it will start right back up and run for weeks other times it has to sit for 5 minutes to 5 hours than start right up and run again. The fuel pump and fuel relay has already been changed

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    scan the computer on it first before you start buying parts for it ,because there's many things that can cause that too happen,a bad coil or bad ground wire will cause this to happen to it,and also a bad ignition switch will do this and when you cut it off sometimes that eliminates the problem with it is why it will restart,so you might want to check the ignition switch out also,good luck.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 38 yrs now.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Well if it wants to shut off not long after it was driven probably when you are under breaking or idle I would try this. You seem to indicate you think it is fuel related. When it dies, put it in park, push the gas pedal all the way to the floor....Will it restart? Will it then go in gear and drive off? ...or does it die. If it dies when you try to drive off I would suspect a vaccum problem. This will not show up on the engines because they cause a problem which overriches the fuel. Then at idle or underbraking it floods out and dies. Kind of like the pump was shut off ...right? If this sound familiar then I would say it is the plenum gasket under the intake. On 5.2cid dodge engines they were prone to failure. Oil gets on them and they disintegrate,fall apart and cause vaccum problems. You can get the gasket kit for like $20 at the local autoparts store. It will take a couple hours to replace. Not hard, but you have to disconnect a few parts in order to replace the gasket. I am willing to bet this is your problem. I took my truck to a bunch of places and they did the regular song and dance, replace plugs, wires, cap etc. Give it a tune up, then let through some sensors at it. Low and behold it was this silly $20 gasket. Again, they are problematic and should be replaced. Mine did all the things your did like clock work for three years and I finally researched it and found the problem. Been running great since. The key was when you said, it runs excellent then all of a sudden. Boy that was familiar. Good luck.

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  • lemoi
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    1994 Dodge Ram Van B250

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  • 3 years ago

    I trust ray p. I had a seventy two plymouth duster that did a similar subject your are describing. It ended up being a blocked brake line. in case your motor vehicle pulls to the incredible, examine the left hose, and visa versa. The physics at the back of this undertaking is that if the hose is blocked, each and all the fluid that isn't being dropped on the blocked line finally ends up interior the line that's loose inflicting that brake to capture faster or extra and pulling the motor vehicle interior the process the best brake line

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My Jeep Grand Cherokee did the same thing. I replaced the crankshaft position sensor and no more problems.

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