My tummy keeps rumbling but I'm not hungry?

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What do u think the problem mite be, and how can I stop it?
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there are 3 possible reasons
1.) you are not hungry but your stomach is
solution: eat food
2.) constipated
solution: release all the stuck... you know what I mean
3.) diarrhea
solution: same solution as number 2



had the same problem as you yesterday
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  • Holden Kemper answered 5 years ago
    Your food is digesting, or you just have gas. It depends on what you ate. It goes away eventually.
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  • Dr.Kim Baptista LAc DAc answered 5 years ago
    Borborygmus (plural, Borborygmi) is the technical term for rumbles in the belly. It is often caused by gas moving through the intestines. It has been both my personal and clinical experience that it can be made worse by food sensitivities or incompletely digested foods (like those from dairy products or gluten). Unfortunately, many food sensitivity tests like scratch tests or blood tests have "false negative" results, because food triggers immune response in the gut, not on the skin. A less invasive, FREE, and generally more accurate way to determine if you have a food sensitivity is to do the DIY Cocoa Pulse Test. You can go to for instructions on how to do this.

    If it turns out that your borborygmi are due to food sensitivities or incomplete digestion, you have a few choices, One would be to avoid the foods (that according to the Cocoa Pulse Test) are creating problems for you. Another would be to find a licensed healthcare practitioner who is certified in a technique called NAET to eliminate the sensitivity. Most NAET practitioners are either D.C.'s or Acupuncture Physicians (L.Ac., CAC. AP, D.Ac., depending upon where you live).

    Use of antacids can also cause incomplete digestion by suppressing normal Hydrochloric Acid secretions in the stomach, creating the rumbles. Heartburn and acid reflux are NOT typically caused by over production of stomach acid (as the pharmaceutical companies would have you believe) -- they are often caused by TOO LITTLE stomach acid not breaking down the food in your stomach, so it sits in your stomach rotting, and the putrification process produces a waste acid. This waste acid is what comes back up. Sorry it's a little gross . . .
    I hope you find this helpful. I've listed sites below where you can get more information. Dr. Kim


    The Ash Center for Comprehensive Medicine:
    National Fibromyalgia Association:
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  • Dappledew answered 5 years ago
    Your stomach is digesting food, and there's no way you can stop it.
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  • Jeremy answered 5 years ago
    when all else fails, drink some pepto
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