boost my FRS radio power?

Is there anything I can do to boost the power on my radio. Eather internal or external. I use them in a very heavly wooded mountain valley and i cant seem to find a good enough radio to suit. CB's are good but too big. And no cell phone signal.

Yes Hams I know its illegal so please dont tell me. I dont care. They will be used where the FCC has no eyes or ears.

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    1 decade ago
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    Look into the free, unlicensed MURS radio band. A lower frequency, longer license required.. FRS will not go very far, as it is on UHF, and low power. (The higher the frequency, the less range with the same power than at a lower frequency.) The highest power FRS radio I have seen is 5 watts. The range is still rather poor. The FRS radios run around the 462 Mhz. range. The MURS radios run down in the 151 Mhz. range.!

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    The FRS radio producer claims are organic "advertising and marketing hype". you will get a pair of mile under widely used situations. The UHF frequencies used are good interior homes and such. I even have had good outcomes with the certainty of their barriers. FRS makes use of FM, that's frequently crisp and sparkling.. a plus. CB, makes use of HF, that's decrease in frequency, which has a tendency to go through a great deal indoors, and is absorbed truthfully by skill of an excellent style of issues. CB additionally makes use of AM, that's extremely noisy at situations. CB, even nevertheless is sweet for motor vehicle to vehicl communications, because it helps cellular radios, besides as base stations. FRS helps neither mobiles, nor bases. 4w does not equivalent 50 miles. A 4 watt cb is sweet in a motor vehicle for roughly 3 miles or so, besides the certainty that I even have had cellular to cellular communicatiobs exceeding 10 miles on SSB, (a technique that's onl;y risk-free on bigger end CB radios) Base Station to base station on cb could desire to get you an excellent many miles, 10, 20 plus miles, reckoning on your antenna setup. On any radio device, the antenna device is a precedence! desire this helps.

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    Yes I can tell you how....but as a Ham I won' you stated "it's illegal"

    I can tell you that if you contact a local ham club they will help you obtain your license and then you can legally operate radios that would serve your purpose. Two meter or 70cm radios should do the job.

    The entry level license isn't that hard to get and with the help of club members you'll be on your way to a new and exciting hobby.

    Just because you'll be out of earshot of the FCC....DOESN'T make it legal or OK to do.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Old wisdom of high frequency engineers: The best amplifier is a good antenna!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Can you simply attach a larger antenna?

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