How to get canada pr ?

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Dear all i am a master degree holder in IT in inda from distance learning. and have two years of experience in IT . and my age is 24 and i am single can i get canada pr any more
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You need to ask this question to the Canadian High Commisioner in Delhi. Only they know what the current process and quotas are. Tell them though you want to settle in Alberta. There is such a worker shortage here; people wanting to settle in Alberta have programs other provinces don't.

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its the best answer he motivate me . thats y
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  • Z answered 5 years ago
    Pay close attention, okay? You and close to one million other people want to move to Canada. As Canada only accepts about 250,000 qualified immigrants each year, I think you can see that:
    1. you should be as qualified as you possibly can
    2. even if you qualify, it will take you a very long time

    The waiting list is long and growing longer. Have you read the news lately? We are experiencing a deep and crippling economic recession and have hundreds of thousands of our own citizens who are unemployed. Many of them have master's degrees in IT just like you do and have the same 2 years experience just like you do. While that may qualify you to apply to immigrate:
    1. it will still take anywhere from 3-5 years
    2. does not mean you will have a job if and when you arrive

    What few jobs there may be here will not go to foreigners but to our own qualified citizens.
    Do you get what I'm saying? It isn't that you yourself would not be welcome here but that now is just not the time to try and immigrate to Canada. So, please, please, please just stay where you are for the time being. Pay attention to the news and, when the economy improves at some point in the future, then reconsider your idea. In the meantime, don't bother.
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  • alone answered 5 years ago
    u hv master degree =========25 point
    exp-----------------------------------... point
    age-------------------------(21-49) 10 point
    total---------------------------------... point

    if u get in IELTS
    w=6.5 -----------------4
    ------------------------16 point

    now 52+16 =68 so u r eligible to apply
    my best wishes with apply ..
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  • snowpatrol321 answered 5 years ago
    *sigh*, here we go again.

    You have AT LEAST a 3-5 year wait, with over a million people waiting in front of you to get into Canada. You have to apply like everyone else, it will cost you money and time. Your chances are quite slim.
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  • Kathleen answered 5 years ago
    What's pr?
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