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How can people be so stupid?

I just posted a question with some things from the health care bill, asking how it's being called a "choice" when really it isn't. I posted a link to the .pdf AND referenced the pages I found the information on. Very clear. I got an answer from some guy who just says, "This is all lies. How can you Republicans be so stupid?" or something like that. This seems to be the norm for "oppositional" answers here.

First of all, I'm not a Republican. Or a Democrat, and I'm getting really tired of saying it. Secondly, how can people be so foolish as to not even LOOK at the source of something before they say it is a lie? This is not just a political ideal you are talking about any more. It's your LIFE. Does that really not merit even a second glance? How the hell can a political ideal be SO important that it trumps your own well-being??


TheBabbster: You again? No one told me any lies. I sat here for HOURS reading it myself. I have a brain and I think for myself. Here is the link to the plan: here is the link to my question with some things I found and the pages the things are on:;_ylt=AgRVs...

It is people like you who have been the death of this country. You are EXACTLY who the 1st answerer is talking about. You cannot dispute my findings. They are written in black and white. But you still try. You're a fool.

Update 2:

Ash: I covered that above. See the links?

Update 3:

Ash: Yes, based on what I have seen in the years I've come and gone on here, I'd say it is the norm, especially in this forum. I say that with no hesitance at all.

Update 4:

Lol. C3PO, you also are exactly who the 1st answerer is talking about. Did you read the bill yourself? The link is right there for you. If not, how can you say anything? Hmm... I'm going off of what is actually IN the bill, in black and white. And you're going off of... what?

Update 5:

Ash: In my opinion, most of the situations outlined for people who need coverage are people (i.e. the reason we "need" socialized medicine) who could get Medicaid or Medicare, which are already established and have money put aside for them so there is no need for it. The problems I have outlined, there are no fixes. That is what you get when gov't. runs health care. It is essentially Medicaid for EVERYBODY.

Update 6:

Vanessa: If you do, you can get on Medicaid, which is already being paid for. And pre-existing conditions don't matter. They will still take you. This is not an argument for socialized medicine.

Update 7:

This is a link to the 615 page bill I have. This is the one the page numbers correlate to. And you can DL it too.

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    the left can be very. look at one post (DEFEND THE INSURANCE AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES? These industries have had a strangle hold on us for years, )

    what do they think government health care is going to do? what a mess america is heading for wake up people

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    Nice unverifiable post. Since I don't live on YA I don't know if this is true or if it is another rant. Also, you said "some guy" gave you this dumb answer and you extrapolate that to being the "norm" for the site.

    So you may be right but I have no way of knowing that from what you are writing.

    EDIT I happened to find one of yr answers where you lay out a couple of passages in the Senate version of the proposed legislation that are bad. But.....if part of it is bad, then fix what is bad. Don't throw away the whole thing. With that attitude (well look at this, this will never work for us, so forget it we are not even going to try) we would never have got cars, or got to the moon, or had interstate highways or rural electrification. Last time I checked we were not a nation of people who gave up because it seemed to be too hard to get something done.

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    If this passes we'll all be getting Medicaid cards in the mail, and I can see it now, every six months like someone on welfare new points will be added on.

    I'm now disabled and on Medicare I've reviewed my 126 pages of what is covered and what is not. There sure is a lot of what is not covered and you can bet your sweet buns if this comes into law for everyone insurance companies will go out of business, not to mention doctor fees, what type of drugs to take. The list will go on and on. All because a bunch of idiots thought this would work. Wake up people this is NOT going to work. Government has already messed things up bad enough, and you want them in charge of your health. You've got to be down right stupid.

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  • 1 decade ago's just proof that people, like House Reps adn Senators never read bills or proposals before them! They have no idea what they are voting for, they follow party lines on both sides of the isles!

    What you posted is for real and it's part of what the proposed bill has in it, I've read the entire health bill as it is today and it doesn't look good for the American Public who have their own insurance now. I for one agree there needs to be some changes in health insurance, but the 0bamacare Plan isn't it!

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    There are two tactics for the left's dealing with conservatives or conservative issues. The one that is mostly used by liberal politicians is personal attack. The one that is mostly used by young democrat voters is labelling conservatives as stupid, morons, republitards, and other childish names. Both tactics are employed when there is a lack of substantive material on which to base opposition. The democrat politician probably shakes his head at the voters' tactic, but is thankful for it because it produces the desired result - liberal votes. The young democrat voter uses it's tactic because it is simple and doesn't require any knowledge of the issues. Nowhere in American society are there more accurate demonstrations of the "dumbing down" of our society than can be seen by observing the left. The KISS principle really works here.

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    Its a rant ash. That some of us would have deleted if we posted it, but this poster does it often and gets away with it. Look at the title " How can people be so stupid". Number one, she is calling people here "stupid", and its personal. Looks like a rant. Good point TheBabbster!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Now you understand the function. Of liberal supporters.

    Also why. Much of the Independents. Such as yourself. Are making Obama's approval rating go down.

    They can never admit. That their CHOSEN one. Has backfired upon them lol. Kinda like Chicago Cubs fans. They just keep on believeing. On FALSE hope.

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    oh i'm very aware it's my life, i'm only 23 and i might have a pre-existing conditition which would under the current healthcare program prevent me from getting health insurance for the rest of my life.

    i currently have health insurance but if i lose that i might not get another one to replace it.

  • Curt J
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    1 decade ago

    The diehard leftists, what I call Demolemmings, will not believe anything negative about their golden boy and won't even accept his own flawed legislation as proof. No matter what you say, or show them, they will continue to support him 100%.

    As I have said before, they could see a verified video of him committing murder and they would say it wasn't so.

    Source(s): Just my opinion and observation of facts
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