Who from House MD is hottest: Lisa Edelstein, Jennifer Morrison, or Olivia Wilde?

At the moment I think Lisa is the hottest, though I had a crush for the other two one time or other. They're all good looking and they're the few good looking women in hollywood who aren't sl*ts and are smart.
Update: geez no...her voice is too deep. Lisa's moan when she's kissing House at the end of the season was so hot...

Screw Megan Fox...she's one of the sl*ts I was talking about w/ no personality
Update 2: oh no...lol I would have added Hugh Laurie if I thought he was hot...he's good looking, I'm bi, but I'm not attracted to him at all. He's graying, balding, and is 50 years! I've been known to like older women...haha :0)
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