Transferring money from Community Bank account to German bank account?

There's this german music band that i saw at a concert and i was really into them so i bought their EP but i did not have enough money to buy their full-length. So i looked everywhere on the internet for them so i could buy their cd but i found nothing. so i added them on myspace and started talking to them about buying their cd and they gave me some bank account numbers to transfer money into their account then i'd send them my address and they'd send me the cd.

i guess they gave me their 'kontonummer' and their routing number (i think cause they wrote 'blz' next to it and i found what looked like the full word and someone said that's what it was).

i have an american bank account with Community Bank or somethign like that so i was wondering what steps i'd have to go through to make this happen or if it's even possible? i really want this cd!


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  • Reena
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    1 decade ago
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    It's called a wire transfer.

    The 'Konto nummer" is the actual account number

    and the blz is the routing number

    Simply go to your bank and tell them that you need to wire money into this german account... but be aware that the fee can be as high as $25.

    Source(s): have wired money to Germany before.
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