What are the possibilities of finding a job as a medical librarian with no experience. I have a MLS?

Graduated from U.of Mich . MLS. in Lib. Sci. No chance to work. Had to become a caregiver to parents. Over 65 with no experience. Need a job. Any serious advice?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It would help to know how recently you got the degree. A 40 year old degree & you have never worked is different than a 6-10 year old degree without experience.

    For jobs within the library discipline:

    Large medical manufacturers have positions for Masters level librarians - try companies like Merck, Eli Lilly.

    Universities have good sized library staff, so are a place to look

    County Courthouses have a high level of need for archiving documents & there are positions at many levels

    Very large law firms employ librarians and researchers.

    A masters degree is marketable in more than the specific discipline. Marketing Research (researching competitors) is a cross over career to look at. Think about companies that are offering products to appeal to the baby boomer generation. Your experience would lend itself to the concerns of boomers approaching retirement that are also caring for parents.

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