Film composition studio set up?

Where do i start to set up a studio for film scoring. What computer, DAW, plug-ins, synths, ........

I have a pc running sonar 8 studio, and an m-audio fast track ultra.

what is your setup for film scoring? what do you use from beggining to the mock up you have for the director?

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    I use Digital Performer (mac only) and my work has a big protools stage for dubbing.

    You've got a good start, but for composition, you really a good keyboard, I recommend an Alesis QS- cheap and good, and a good synth module. Software based synths have come a long way- I'm not that familiar with PC compatible ones. You can get some old outboard synth modules for about $20 on ebay- Alesis has some great orchestral ones- so does presonus, so just load up on as many as you can- the sound quality is as good or better than the new soft synths- and you don't need a supercomputer to run them. You'll also need a MIDI interface, and probably a good studio condenser- this is all just for composition and scoring- dubbing, ADR and mixing for film is all whole other story.

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