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Why do people hate those "klutzy" characters? aka MISA AMANE?

or Mikuru Asahina. IDK if she is one lol because I have only seen on ep of HS, but anyways whats the big deal, are you people mad at them because they are like a blonde or something? haha get real, I adore that cuteness thing but seriously this makes me laugh how people can get mad about this. Now I'm not saying its a bad thing, I am fine if you dont like those kinds of characters, but LOL its so funny hearing how people hate them. Are you mad because she is on Lights D 1 Ck and not L? WTF damn Yaoi freaks obsessing about Light and L or what not.

I've always wanted to know the reason.

Sakura or Hinata from Naruto are not a "klutzy" character either. They are actually demonic HORES who every one thinks, oh let me say how you Narutard muffs say it, oh shes the cutest Anime girl ever, shes so hot, i'd m@$ ter bate just looking at her blush at Naruto's cheeky whiskers. Is this what you're saying? I'm sorry that pathetic Narutards have fallen victim to a failed attempt of an Anime character. Also the same for Sakura, I am sorry people but she fails at ending up for Sasuke.


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YEAH ! nice first answerer, thats what I mean too sorta lol, "annoying" characters.

Anyways true Mizu, but I guess it must be because I hate when people obsess about something....? too much obsessing

Update 2:

I forgot about Nagisa. but i didnt think of her as one like that.

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    Misa ish Bleh d:<

    She's so annoying even Light wanted to punch her

    Die Misa!!!! Dieee Light is MINE!!!!


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    Lol. Well, I think klutziness is cute, too.

    But that's not the reason why I dislike Misa Amane.

    She's way too obsessed with Light/Kira and was too blind to see that he was using her. In fact, she said that she wouldn't mind if he used her. I think Misa had potential to be a strong female character. She could've been really smart, too. But she was just too obsessed and in love with Light/Kira.

    And Mikuru. Well, I don't really hate her. I just think she's ...... helpless? I mean, yeah, she's cute (more like moe), but I don't like how she doesn't really help out and is sorta useless. She's used as fanservice to the show in my opinion.

    No offense to any of her fans.

    Basically, I don't hate clumsy/klutzy characters.

    I just dislike the ones that are useless, helpless, and does not help the show. Those are annoying.




    Edit: Mmkay. I came up with a good example. Look at Nagisa Furukawa from Clannad.

    She's clumsy, ehh? Well, sorta. But I like her. She's nice and is not annoying. ^____^

    Edit2: Lol @ your somewhat rant about Naruto. Oh Chu. You are so somewhat biased xD

    Well, I can't get mad this time cause I dislike Naruto, too (but not that much).

    Sakura is another example for a character obsessively "in love". Hinata's sorta like that, but I think she's better than Sakura.

    Man, I hate majority of Naruto girls xD

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    Good Question. Hrm. For me, it's the feminist thing V.V

    Misa - Her whole life revolves around one guy that treats her like dirt and wouldn't care less for her if she didn't have a deathnote. Also, she's always helpless dispite the fact that she has a deathntoe like light. Yeah, the only girl with power in that whole anime is a stupid blonde who can't do anything. =P

    Mikuru - Again, despite the fact that she's a time traveller, she's constantly helplessly being half-raped by haruhi. She also cries a lot, is forgetful, and gets into situations she has no idea how to get out of. She's also innocent and naive - like a helpless child. She's another mary-sue...or whatever. That said, I think she's cute too LOL

    Nagisa - OMG. worse one of all!!! She can't do ANYTHING in the beginning w/o tomoya's help. She's dependant on her family, friends, and tomoya. Yeah okay, there's that crap that she's strong emotional and whatever, but she's still the typical weak, clumsy, 'oh come save me!' girl. o.O

    Wow. I sound bitter. Meh. Well you asked =P

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    1.) Kabuto from Naruto. I HATE him! Worst most annoying and uninteresting villain of all time. 2.) Kotoko Aihara from Itazura na Kiss. Any female that sees themselves in this heroine needs to stop worrying about boys and pick up a book. Dumbest protagonist of all time. Who would find her interesting? She's just an idiot that is only concerned with getting a boy to like her. What a shallow moron. Gahh, I hate her. 3.) Not a chararacter, but a character type. That whiny little b*tch action lead type (Ganta Igarashi, Yuki Amano, etc.) I don't get it. What is their appeal?

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    I hate Misa because she's insanely annoying. I like klutzy girls for the most part, though, they're cute. Sometimes though they just don't work or they're really ditzy and I HATE that.

    Has anybody else noticed that Lucky Star's Miyuki is HS's Mikuru and Yuki mashed together? I just realized that the other day, heh.

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    I loved Misa Amane. Better than that stuck-up Takada! Haha. Talk about a boring character with no depth.

    On the other hand, you're completely biased when it comes to Naruto, Chou. Be a man! Lol. Jk. (:


    P.S. -- Don't talk bad about L. He's the sex.

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    misa klutzy? far from it. i hate her cause she's soo damn annoying! she just comes in and screws everything over for light then gets caught by L. granted this gets light another death note it doesn't change the fact that misa raised L's suspicion.

    everytime light said "misa you idiot!" he was right.

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    Depends, for a serious anime like Death Note, Code Geass, or others, yes I do because there annoying and are completely pointless.

    But, if it's a harem or comedy, them no because they usually get the guy and create those awkward and funny moments.

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    I actually like Misa, I think she just puts up a dumb act. But that's just me. I absolutely love characters like her.

    I think the fangirls are just jealous, because I don't like L and I'm fine with her.

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    I don't hate them but they are just mostly annoying in some sense,

    and I don't like nobody getting close to my L 0__0 jk.

    But I don't mind them.

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