what do you Americans think of Obama's health care plan ?

i was just wandering what the american public thinks of it. (or at least some people)

in my country its socialized. meaning all treatments are free.

although you do need to pay extra for complete full coverage (with small extras like teeth cleaning and such) but thats less then what i have in my wallet. a little more than a sandwich price.

anyway im healthy and happy with that.

in here both rich and poor can get the same treatment.

what do you think ?


in USA health insurance is "optional" ?!?! thats messed up.

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    It will diminish the quality of healthcare in America. It will diminish the relationships between physicians and patients. When you go to the doctor you will be allowed one problem per visit. Diagnostic testing such as MRI's, Ultrasounds, CAT scans etc. will be severely regulated.

    It will ultimately leave us with rationing and outrageously high taxes. It is also an assault on our senior population (500 billion dollars will be cut from our seniors and aging citizens). It will destroy many small business owners because they will not be able to afford mandatory insurance for employees, thus many more jobs will be lost in America. Unemployment will drastically rise.

    Out of the Fifty million that do not have healthcare coverage, Many of those choose not to have it, have not applied for Medicaid, or do not make it a priority. This issue is not really about healthcare, we do not have a healthcare crisis. We currently have the best health care in the world. 80 % of Americans have insurance and are happy with the quality of their healthcare? Does that constitute a crisis? It is about government controlling the insurance industry and controlling the people. The government owns our banks, car companies, your mortgage loans (60 % and growing), and is actively working towards taking over the energy industry and our precious healthcare.

    No matter what your political views; we should all be able to agree that our government is taking away our freedoms at hyper speed. People should realize that the government is invading every aspect of every citizen in America. This is a government take over.

  • hoehl
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    4 years ago

    Maybe this may occasionally support you, simply to call a couple of causes...(and Newsweek is a vulnerable rag to make use of as a hyperlink): ** Page 50/segment 152: The invoice will furnish coverage to all non-U.S. citizens, even supposing they're right here illegally. ** Page fifty eight and fifty nine: The executive could have truly-time entry to an character's financial institution account and could have the authority to make digital fund transfers from the ones money owed. ** Page sixty five/segment 164: The plan shall be sponsored (by way of the federal government) for all union contributors, union retirees and for neighborhood corporations (such because the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now - ACORN). ** Page 203/line 14-15: The tax imposed underneath this segment may not be dealt with as a tax. (How would someone of their proper brain arise with that?) ** Page 241 and 253: Doctors will all be paid the equal irrespective of area of expertise, and the federal government will set all medical professionals' bills. ** Page 272. segment 1145: Cancer sanatorium will ration care in step with the sufferer's age. ** Page 317 and 321: The executive will impose a prohibition on sanatorium enlargement; nevertheless, groups would possibly petition for an exception. ** Page 425, line four-12: The executive mandates increase-care making plans consultations. Those on Social Security shall be required to wait an "finish-of-existence making plans" seminar each 5 years. (Death counceling.) ** Page 429, line thirteen-25: The executive will specify which medical professionals can write an finish-of-existence order.

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    I think we need to beat these doctors into submission. Health care is the only thing in the US that gets more expensive as it advances.

    I just had an insurance meeting at work today... It's pretty much pointless for me to have insurance anymore. If I need to go to the hospital I would have a 300.00 co pay and my premium went up 60 bucks. What is that crap?! That is almost the cost of an emergency room visit. I should just save money for my hospital bills. Then the only thing I will have to fight with when it comes to getting my medical bills is myself.

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    WE HAVE HEALTH CARE IN AMERICA!! Most jobs in the united states have a plan....work for a living. The government will not will not always take care of you, they will have authority over your life. WAKE UP. I am better off being in charge of myself than some creep in Washington making my decisions. I will be owned by nobody!! Hitler is OBama

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    The health care system is really messed up and inefficient.. Lots of money goes to waste, and the only way to afford it is if your employer offers it (which they only pay part of it)..

    So yeah, any new health care system would be an improvement.. there are lots of propaganda from "wealthy" America, because they dont want their taxes to go up..

    Yup yup, most jobs dont offer health plans unless you have a college degree.. So people who are struggling to eat and start out life, will typically have no health insurance..

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    I think it is a moral issue at this point, how can we say that it is ok for companies to make a profit on people's health. That is absurd. Any for profit situation will continue to exploit the American people.

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    I think that our health care system needs a change but Obama's plan is nothing but a pile of horse turds. There has to be another way.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Isn't it ironic how we're so far behind on this. I've heard many from Canada & elsewhere say they're happy with their healthcare.

    I think his plan was written up not by him like most anything else, it is being controlled. Our problem is we need to SPEAK UP more.

    Thanks for you're interest.

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    Eighteen thousand people die each year in this country because of a lack of health care insurance. The Republicans need to get out of the way and let this bill through now.

  • DAR
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    1 decade ago

    I think his programs sucks.

    It must be different than the one you have.

    Right now while we have some inequality they aren't just trying to make it better for those who may not have full access. They are wrecking it for the 80% who DO have full access. That is just stupid.

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