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Erich asked in SportsBaseball · 1 decade ago

Are the Pittsburgh Pirates....?

Cursed? Like the Curse of the Bambino, but the Curse of the Juicer? Their last winning season was in 1992. That was the last year they had Barry Bonds, and they've had a losing season every year since. It doesn't look like they're going to turn it around anytime soon. So, is their a Curse of the Juicer?

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    Being cursed has nothing to do with it. The owners aren't willing to spend the money to retain their players. They keep telling their fans that they are rebuilding and to be patient. How much more patient can Pirates fans be? At least they have a nice new stadium to distract them from the perpetual losing.

  • Mr.B
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    1 decade ago

    It's not a curse. It's cheap owners and lousy management.

    It's sickening to watch them collect the luxury tax money and keep it as profit instead of spending it make their team better. It's because of Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and the newest member of the Axis of Cheapness the Washington Nationals, that I keep saying baseball needs a salary floor not a salary cap. They should be forced to spend a minimum and field at least a semblance of a major league team.

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    It would be the curse of the Owner, being a cheap a$$!

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    Nah. The pirates owner is cheap and the organization has no money to keep the good players. it has always been this way

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  • 1 decade ago

    nope the pirates just suck

    it also doesnt help if the team is awful at draftin players

    their farm system is ****, so they hav to let go of their stars in order to replenish the farm

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