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What's the difference between XBox 360 Arcade, XBox 360 Elite, XBox 360 Pro?

My 10 year old son wants to get a used one off of craigslist but I have no idea what the differences are between the units.

♦Which XBox 360 is the best?

♦Which ones are more likely to get the RROD's (red rings of death)?

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for your help.

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    Arcade Pro and Elite are all different packaging and the consoles themselves are different too.The Arcade is useless cause it's really cheap and it has a lot of malfunctions. I have the Pro which is good for those everyday gamers. The Elite is for hardcore gamers.

    Out of all these consoles, the Arcade is most likely to get the RRoD.

    Of course the Xbox 360 Elite is the best but it is pricey.

    Arcade package includes:



    256mb memory

    standard TV cables

    Pro package includes:



    60GB hard drive


    Ethernet Cable (to access internet connection)

    HD/ Standard TV cables

    Elite package includes:

    Black console

    Black controller

    Black headset

    120GB hard drive

    Ethernet cable

    HDTV/ standard TV cables.

    If you're planning on just buying a console where you can play on just when ur bored then get the arcade

    if you wanna play everyday rather than anytime ur bored, get pro cause it's ur everyday console with decent memory

    if ur gonna play all day and is a hardcore gamer, buy the elite but it is expensive.


    Check out your local store prices and see which console works best for you. Don't go for the cheapest one if you're out of cash!!!

    If your son's gonna play it, make sure he doesn't play too much because that will make the risk higher of getting the RRoD, Which ever console. I think Pro should be best for your son.

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    well all 360's are equally prone to getting red rings as the other the arcade just come with the 360 and controller this is the basic package the 360 pro come with like 1 month xbox live gold card and like a 20 gig hard drive and the elite come with the black 360 (no different but the color) and like a 120 gig hard drive a black controller (again no different it just looks better then white) and a 1 month xbox live gold the elite is the most expensive then the pro is second most and the arcade is the least but also the worse so if i was you i'd get the pro because that's all anyone really needs for an xbox and all xbox 360 come with a lifetime warrinty if it involves the red rings

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    Ok so what you need to know first is that there all the same thing except what it comes with, ill compare theme right here:

    ARCADE: Xbox 360 with controller and cables

    PRO: Xbox 360 with controller, cables, headset, and 20g hard drive

    Elite: Black xbox 360 with controller, cables, headset and 120gb hard drive

    Which one is better?? well the Elite is the best bundle BUT it is also the most expensive, if you don't want to pay too much then the elite is not a good option, if you want to pay around $250 on craigslist i would go with the pro because it includes the hard drive which you need to save games and demos. Know if you want to spend $200 or less then the arcade is the way to go put remember that it does NOT come with a hard drive or headset but you can always buy those separately down the road. So peaty much it depends on how much money you want to spend

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    Well, the main difference is the internal hard drive memory capacity, or how much memory it has. The arcade is the cheapest Xbox, but it has the least memory. Because it has so little memory, it can only play games for the arcade. The pro is the next up. It has good memory. It can play any game you want. The Elite is the last one. It has an excessive amount of memory. When you get that one, you can store so many. Hope this helps!

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    Arcade is completely useless. Pro is best for the money. Elite is worth it if you don't mind paying the extra $100. Tv only difference is pro is white with 60g and Elite is black with 120g. The extra space is actually pretty important, but would probably be wasted on your son. AND As long as you don't buy used you will NOT get Red Rings. They just recently fixed it in the newer ones, starting late 2008. Any used are probably before that and will get RROD, and since it's used, there's no warranty. In short, get the Pro new. You can probably find it on sale somewhere anyway.

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    Do not buy the XBOX 360 Arcade, the other ones are perfect. The differences with them are the Gigabyte Storage Space and Color. The most expensive, most gigs, and best looking is the XBOX 360 Elite

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    Well, I think the Elite is the best from my expertise. The arcade is the worst, but the cheapest and I'm pretty sure they all have the same chance of getting RROD. Try to get a warranty, cuz if that happens you can get a brand new one free.

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    Go to this website and scroll down to the chart about the Arcade, Pro and the Elite.

    This website helped me pick out my Xbox 360. :)

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    if you want to amaze your son, get an xbox 360 with a modded case

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    who knows? video games r some weird male thing craigslist really the safest place to buy something? i would try ebay or amazon before buying from craigslist

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