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old navy employee discount?

i'm thinking of applying at old navy for a second job...what is their employee discount?

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    I think the person that answered below copied one of my answers from a question asked more than a few months ago. That would have been correct, but the discount policy changed on Feb. 1, 2009.

    The current discount is as follows:

    25% off regular price or promo-price merchandise at O.N.

    50% off regular price merchandise at Gap

    50% off regular price merch. at Banana Republic

    (promo-price merchandise does not receive a discount at GAP or BR)

    10% off clearance at all brands

    10% off gift cards at all brands

    Source(s): I work at O.N.
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    O.N. employees are eligible for 20% off everything at the O.N. brand, (including gift cards) at 20% off. That includes full-price/sale/clearance merchandise.

    You also get:

    4 items per month at 40% off the full-price of tops or bottoms that can be worn to work.

    5 items per month at 30% off any merchandise - regular price or sale items (excluding gift cards) at Gap and/or Banana Republic - that is a total of 5 items - not 5 at each store.

    1 item per month at 50% off the full-price of a company-designated item (changes every month), for example, this month's 50% off discount is for sweaters OR non-denim pants.

    Gap Inc employees are not eligible for using your employee discount at

    Please ask your manager for details on the discount policy, using the discount card, and making employee purchase transactions at stores other than your home store - you are required to show ID and your discount card must be marked in the "all store discount" column when a purchase is made at another brand (Gap or Banana).

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    when I had worked at ON it was alright to buy things for your friends and family, but you needed to be the one there paying for everything. (didn't matter whose money/ credit card it was) I use to go shopping with my mom all the time. The point of having a discount is to use it to spend your paychecks at the store basically, its an incentive of sorts. I would also still check with your manager on what is appropriate and what is not-- it doesn't hurt to ask and make sure you have all the facts so you can avoid abusing this privilege.

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    how can i apply old navy employee discount card on line?

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