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Should I put Esperanto on my resume if I speak it somewhat fluently?

It is the only language I speak. I'm actually just a beginner, but I plan to be fluent. When I am, should I create a new section that says "Languages" and list Esperanto? Or is it too obscure of a language for anyone to care?

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    Obscure or not-- you speak two languages-- it looks good even if you can't use if in a job. i would put it on there-- even now. If a prospective employer asks about it-- you can say you speak it roughly now, but are working towards becoming fluent.

    Even when it's not useful for a particular job-- learning a second language is an achievement that speaks for itself, it shows you are dedicated to a long term difficult task-- employers like that.

    So long as you can say more then "Hello my name is..." and "the purple monkey jumped over the fence" you're set!

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    Be careful - if one day you get an interview for a job and your prospective employer accidently speaks Esperanto , he may happily ask you a question in this language. Is it worth to come up as a liar and loose an employment opportunity? I rejected a candidate once over a similar lie.

    He was pissed off as what we were offering was the only available position in the area.

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    cin devi alkalkuli

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