AP World history Resources?

What is a good textbook for the AP World History exam? I was thinking of getting World Civilizations: The Global Experience, but I am not -- there are so many different editions, some only one volume, some two.

Also, what are some good supplementary readers, books, teachers' resources, and so on?

Thank you for your help!

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    That's the book I used, but make sure you get the AP Edition, you can buy it cheap used off of Amazon. During the last two months before the exam I used the Princeton Review to study; I also made a five. If you're self-studying I suggest reading ten pages of the text a night and then use the Barron's and Princeton Review to study before you take the exam. The multiple choice was a piece of cake, but for the essays make SURE you know the essay standards and what it takes to get a 9. There is a helpful section in the Princeton Review for that.

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    Well I was once considering the equal factor. But do you imply Persia as an essay query? Can you quite write that a lot approximately Persia? And for imperialism you imply as a an examine and distinction questions? Australia and Pacific? Is that even fundamental? And yeah I do not feel it''l examine Russia and China, that was once aLready a beyond CC query. Possibly CCOT approximately Persia put up WW1, whilst it grew to become Iran? And I w as considering the CC query would possibly whatever like examine the Indian Ocean Trade Network to the Silk Roads? They have't had an essay on IOTN given that 2008 and Silk Roads given that 2009. And it is def now not going to be columbian trade that was once final 12 months. Maybe imperialism?

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