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AP World History Help?

What is a good textbook for the AP World History exam? I was thinking of getting World Civilizations: The Global Experience, but I am not -- there are so many different editions, some only one volume, some two.

Also, what are some good supplementary readers, books, teachers' resources, and so on?

Thank you for your help!

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    american pageant by bailey isn't bad

    and into the past by degler

    i got a 5 so they can't be to bad

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    AP worldwide historic previous is usually greater rigorous. It probable is composed of greater examining, a greater progressed textbook written on the faculty point, a heavier artwork load, and greater complicated classwork. you need to take AP over Honors in case you're up for the project. AP supplies the possibility to take a nationally administered examination in might, and in case you do properly on it, you could probably get college credit for it. AP instructions are regularly greater ideal on your severe college transcript; colleges choose for to work out which you're taking the main progressed path load obtainable to you. Honors worldwide has a tendency to be little greater suitable than the straight forward severe college historic previous path. there is particularly no longer a lot to declare approximately it.

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    I am afraid that I can't be much help, but any of the books out there can be helpful. Check your local library or bookstore, also, talk with your teacher, s/he should be able to give your a good textbook.

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    YESSS get that one.

    I used it this year and I got a 4 on my AP test and a 770 on the SAT 2.

    It has good online sources as well.

    Source(s): APWH scholar
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