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Please rate/comment on my top 15 boy names?

I am not pregnant, I am just a name collector.

These names are in no particular order:

Alexander Scott - "Alex"

Bennett James - "Ben"

Cole Jonathan

Daniel Jacob

David Christopher

Derek James

Dylan Charles

Grant Michael

Jared Thomas

Joseph Alexander

Joshua Paul - "Josh"

Nathaniel John - "Nate"

Nicholas Ryan - "Nick"

Robert Drake - "Robbie"

William Tyler

What do you guys think of these names?



204_LL - I meant like no specific order as to how I like them. I know they're in alphabetical order because I put them that way.

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    Alexander Scott - "Alex" - Alexander Scott flows well, but Alex is just so common. There are likely to be six Alex's in his kindergarten class (I know you're not pregnant, just if you ever name a son this). Try less common nicknames like Alexi, Aly, or Sandy.

    Bennett James - "Ben" - Hate Bennett, love Ben though. Bennett James sounds nice together.

    Cole Jonathan - It doesn't really flow. Jonathan Cole sounds better. I like both of the names, though.

    Daniel Jacob - I don't love either of these names, but they do sound good together.

    David Christopher - Love this one. Your names are all very common, which I don't care for, but they sound really good together.

    Derek James - I don't like the rather trendy name Derek, especially paired with the classic James.

    Dylan Charles - Again, a more modern name with a classic one. I don't like it.

    Grant Michael - I love both of these names! I don't think they sound amazing together, but I love the names separately.

    Jared Thomas - I don't like either.

    Joseph Alexander - These names sound good together. I like Joey as a nickname for Joseph. Very cute.

    Joshua Paul - "Josh" - This one is really nice. Quite common, but lovely. I like it.

    Nathaniel John - "Nate" - I don't like the name Nathaniel, but I love the nickname Nate. Nathaniel doesn't sound good with John though. Nathaniel Jonathan sounds better, although it is a mouthful. Nathaniel John is too abrupt, and too drastic a change in syllables.

    Nicholas Ryan - "Nick" - I don't like the name Nicholas, but I do like variants of it, such as Nikolai or Nicholaus. I prefer the less common nicknames Cole, Niko, and Niels. Ryan is nice.

    Robert Drake - "Robbie" - Hate Robert, Drake, and Robbie. Sorry.

    William Tyler - I love this, and the classic and the modern sound nice together, unlike the others. I like Liam as a nickname.

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    Alexander Scott-10-so cute! its actually on my name list (:

    Bennett James-9-really cute.

    Cole Jonathan-7-cute.

    Daniel Jacob-7-cute.

    David Christopher-7-cute.

    Derek James-8-really cute.

    Dylan Charles-7-cute.

    Grant Michael-5-its ok.

    Jared Thomas-7-cute.

    Joseph Alexander-7-cute.

    Joshua Paul-7-cute.

    Nathaniel John-7-cute.

    Nicholas Ryan-9-really cute!

    Robert Drake-5-its ok.

    William Tyler-7-cute.

    My favorites are Alexander Scott, Bennett James & Nicholas Ryan.


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    Alexander Scott - "Alex": Beautiful name

    Bennett James - "Ben": Its different.

    Cole Jonathan: Love it. CJ would make a great nickname

    Daniel Jacob: Love it. DJ :)

    David Christopher: So adorable

    Derek James: Not so keen

    Dylan Charles: Great

    Grant Michael: don't like

    Jared Thomas: nahhh

    Joseph Alexander: nope

    Joshua Paul - "Josh": not a fan

    Nathaniel John - "Nate": love it

    Nicholas Ryan - "Nick": no

    Robert Drake - "Robbie": no

    William Tyler: Love it. Beautiful

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    Alexander Scott - "Alex" - Too common, doesn't fit well with Scott

    Bennett James - "Ben"- I like that name, but what about Benny?

    Cole Jonathan- Love it.

    Daniel Jacob- - Not a fan, sorry.

    David Christopher - I don't really like Christopher, and David is common

    Derek James - I like it a lot

    Dylan Charles - Dylan is to beachy to fit with Charles, you know what I mean?

    Grant Michael - I like it

    Jared Thomas - Sounds good.

    Joseph Alexander - Nah, I give it a 7

    Joshua Paul - "Josh" - Not with Paul

    Nathaniel John - "Nate" - I like Nathan better.

    Nicholas Ryan - "Nick" - Great name

    Robert Drake - "Robbie" - Robbies always turn out to be freaks, nerd, or have issues.

    William Tyler - Good one.

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    I like/love**:

    Alexander Scott - "Alex"

    Bennett James - "Ben" **


    Dylan Charles **

    Grant **

    Thomas **


    Nathaniel John **

    Nicholas Ryan - "Nick" **

    Robert Drake - "Robbie"

    William **

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    I love Bennett James, Grant Micheal!

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    I'm only going to tell you my favorite and least favorite

    Favorite=Bennet James so unique!

    least favorite= William Tyler just doesnt go well together for me

    the names are in alphabetical order

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    My favs are:

    Cole, Dylan, Jared, Nathaniel & William

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    Derek James sounds great!

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    Love them all ! looks like if you was to have that many kids you would have your own football and basketball team.

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