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ViVi asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

What are the chances of these wrestlers gettin release?

Now that Kendrick got released, what about these guys? Remeber, to Vince its not the talent, its who makes money to him.

Evan Bourne

Jack Swagger


The Miz

Zack Ryder

Chavo Guererro


Mike Knox

Charlie Haas

Shelton Benjamin

KungFu Naki


Ezekiel Jackson

The Hart Dynasty

Paul Burchill

Anymore you would like to add

BQ - What do you think about WWE keeping Ezekiel Jackson and releasing The Brian Kendrick?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    evan bourne=20%(future rey mysterio replacement)

    jack swagger=10%(going to be contender for us title)

    primo=60%(after his rivalry with carlito ends)

    the miz=7%(he has good mic skills,good heel)

    zach rhyder=70%(after they end his gimmick)

    chavo=30%(not going away for a long time...)

    festus=90%(not with jesse,he is just used for comedy and not matches.)

    mike knox=98%(rarely wrestles)

    charlie haas=95%(same reason as knox)

    shelton benjamin=20%(why is he even on here? he is going to be ecw champion)

    kung fu naki=100%(see mike knox and festus)

    r truth=15%(why is he on here,he is fine right now)

    big zeeeeek=60%(steroids....)

    the hart dynasty=20%(they are fine now,what are you thinking?)

    paul burchill=60%(underrrated)

    jamie noble=91%(being used as jobber.)

    BQ: i think them releasing kendrik was very suprising since he was just on raw and actualy spent time on the storyline.


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    1 decade ago

    Chavo will always have a job because of Eddie. He'll just make up new ways for him to lose. If not the midget, then some other way.

    Bourne makes him money, he's the next Jeff Hardy (marketing-wise).

    I'd say Festus, Haas and Burchill, Knox and Kidd all have real good shots at being released.

    Vince likes tall muscled bound guys, so Zeke and Swagger good. DH hasn't been fired because Vince doesn't want to piss off Bret. R-Truth is shucking and jiving as Pretty Ricky so he's fine and the kiddies find him entertaining (more money for Vince). Naki is more of a trainer than a wrestler. Ryder, the Miz, and Primo will make him money soon enough (the Miz's anti-Cena shirts are one of the hot sellers on, look it up and his chick magnet shirt did well too). JR has a man-crush on Benjamin and I honestly believe that is the only reason Vince hasn't fired him yet.

    BA: See above. Vince like muscle bound guys so Zeke isn't going anywhere for a while. Hell, the only reason Cor Von is gone is by his own choice.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Right now Evan is a serious contender for the U.S. Championship I don't see WWE reeleasing himantime soon.

    Jack Swagger he's in the middle of a feud with MVP no chance of him getting released in the near future.

    Primo even though he is havin this little thing with Carlito he's pretty much going to job against wrestlers after that so he could be next.

    The Miz I don't think WWE is going to get rid of one of it's most cocky & brash heels anytime soon.

    Zack Ryder has only lost 3 matches since returning to ECW I think his former partner has a better chance than he does at getting released.

    Chavo Guerrero WWE might not be giving him a break against Hornswoggle, but as if they would end the Guerrero legacy with him because there has been barely any time when no member of the Guerrero family was in wrestling.

    Festus haven't seen him in a while so he it could be him that is next to be released.

    Mike Knox has 1,000,000 out of 1,000,00 chance of getting released.

    Charlie Haas I don't think there's any hope for him now he had hope when he reformed WGTT with Shelton, but now Benjamin's on ECW so there is a very very good chance he will be released.

    Shelton Benjamin is the Gold Standard if you think he is going to be released inthe next 12 months you are crazy.

    Kung Fu Naki is gonna be gone right away he doesn't make money because why would people come pay to see a non-wrestling wrestler.

    R-Truth I think this Pretty Ricky gimmick has a lengthy run ahead of it and R-Truth is why I would be going to wrestling.

    Ezekiel Jackson is gonna be teaming with Vladimir soon so they are going to be a threat to the tag team titles so he's not gonna be released in the next year.

    Hart Dynasty why would WWE throw away some of it's best Canadian Talent next to Jericho, Christian, and Edge these guys have a lot of talent with the ego to match.

    Paul Burchill you can say good bye to him any week now he hasn't had a push since last year when he was number one contender for Kingston's Intercontinental Championship.

    Curt Hawkins has a 1 in a 1,000,00 chance not to get released.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Bourne - Very Unlikely

    Swagger - Extremely Unlikely

    Primo - Unlikely

    The Miz - Very Unlikely

    Zack Ryder - Unlikely at the moment

    Chavo - Unlikely

    Festus - Entirely Possible esp. w/Eugene probably coming back.

    Mike Knox - Very Possible

    Charlie Haas - Possible

    Shelton Benjamin - Very Unlikely

    KungFunaki - Unlikely... He might not be on TV a lot but unlikely b/c he's a good guy backstage, w/Vince, etc.

    R-Truth - Unlikely

    Zeke - Unlikely at the moment

    Hart Dynasty - Unlikely

    Paul Birchill - Unlikely, but possible. He's one of the few legit mid-lower card stars on ECW.

    Zeke is a powerhouse, and Vince loves that, plus he has a rivalry brewing w/Kozlov so I'm really not that surprised. TBK and the gay gimmick just was not working.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's really the economy, that has affected the wwe also. They may not announce that but if you notice there is more talk and guest appearances to reduce the matches and less divas are appearing.

    It is affecting a lot of them, that is why many are being released unless there is a good storyline for them.

    Some of them are just doing slight appearances pending their contracts, like Santino Marella who just turns up for 2 minutes every show.

    I hate to say this but they may all be release once their contract is up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would say about 89% of these wrestlers will be let go then come back in a different gimmick. Half of these guys were already released but came back again. For the most part these guys have no real name for themselves no where near a stone cold or rock. They'll probably work the indie circuit but that's about it unless they get lucky enough. Middleweights almost never make in wrestling it's all about the heavyweights.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Evan Bourne 19%

    Jack Swagger 25%

    Primo Hes gonna get released one of these days

    The Miz 30%

    Zack Ryder Hes almost gone

    Chavo Guerrero Only because he is Guerrero

    Festus hes almost gone

    Mike Knox who needs him

    charlie haas who needs him

    shelton benjamin they still need him for a little

    kung fu naki almost gone

    r truth they need him

    Ezekiel jackson one more storyline and he is gone

    the hart dynasty they are like cryme tyme

    Paul burchill who needs him

    i don't think that's fair...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Evan Bourne - 50/50 chance of being released

    Swagger - 30% chance of being released

    Primo - 30% chance of being released

    Miz - 50/50 chance of being released

    Ryder - 70% chance of being released

    chavo - 0% of being released, because of his last name

    Festus - 80% of being released

    Mike Knox - 99% of being released, he is miused and no talent

    Haas - 50/50 chance of being released

    Sheton Benjamin - 1% of being released, he makes alot of money

    Kung Fu Naki - 99% of being released, hes a jobber and misused

    R-Truth - 1% of being released, he has lots of potential

    Jackson - 60% of being released, he has no skill

    The Heart Dynasty - 40% chance of them being released, they have talent

    Paul Burchill - 50/50 chance of eing released.

    BQ: WWE should of put Kendrick on ECW and fired Zink.

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  • 3 years ago

    enterprise is down, living house shows are not drawing and the tale traces must be based on the innovations-blowing skills, which makes their schedules a lot greater annoying and will boost the possibility for injuries....yet professional wrestling does no longer function exterior those undesirable monetary situations. those dreaded double bookings mutually as on excursion - concept to be historic previous - would be coming returned with a vengeance in 2009.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    bourne - 10%

    swagger - 2%

    primo - 15%

    ryder - 35%

    chavo - 85%

    Festus - 40%

    Knox - 60%

    Haas - 50%

    Shelton - 20%

    Funaki - 10%

    Truth - 20%

    E Jackson - 25%

    Hart D - 0%

    Burchill - 70%

    Source(s): WWE creative released a good talent/character.
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