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Do you support the LEGALIZATION of every drug?

Legalization of EVERY drug would eliminate drug dealers

Would allow the US GOV to regulate and tax drugs to gain $

It would increase $ in America

Reduce Violence

Legalizing Nicotine (most notably the most addictive drug) has lead to many people to quit

Prohibition of drugs doesn't work

It hasn't worked with alcohol it will never work

"The War On Drugs" will not work because drugs will never be eradicated

The difference between caffeine and cocaine accessibility!


if prohibition didn't work for alcohol, why are we in denial about it working for other things? Punish drug cartels by legalizing....

Update 2:

Their illegal for a reason der...are you an idiot? So why is vodka legal or tobacco der...? Do you see the majority of Americans drunk and unable to pay bills...alcholism is not even 3% of our country...and guess what Al Capone no longer exists and no longer is the need for think keeping drugs illegal is isn't their is a STABLE supply of drugs on the street!!!!

Update 3:

"you are in fact an idiot....everyone would be too high to even care if they paid their bills let alone taxes" are you to drunk all the time to pay your bills...its not difficult to obtain drugs now....regulation just removes gangs and violence

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    Every drug? Every last one? Have you lost your mind, Gentle Asker? Do you know how addictive some of the modern forms of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine are? Most of that stuff can get you hooked, as in addicted, on *ONE* dose. One. It's not like nicotine or alcohol where you can quit, if you're addicted on *ONE* dose.

    Not to mention, lots of people would just *die* if cocaine were legal, just because there's people born with a defect of metabolism that doesn't let their livers *break down* the drug and pass it clear of their bodies....

    That's just stupid. It's just a stupid idea, ok? The hardest three drugs out there that you'd want legalized wouldn't cause social upheaval for 2-3 years, it would be more like 20-30 years as folks realize that the hardest three drugs mentioned above, *alone*, are little better than Rat Poison.

    I'm serious here. It's extremists like yourself that give all proponents of legalization a bad name. Do we really need to have whole entire southern states of the United States addicted and dying of legal meth? I'm not exaggerating, we already have some small towns that are entirely lost to that addiction down to the last man, woman and child. Legalization of that substance would expand that crisis until it devours whole states. And didn't Los Angeles suffer from a crack cocaine epidemic for *decades*? Is L.A. not *just now* recovering from the 1980s, from that?

    Now don't get me wrong--the status quo on drug policy does have to go. There are *some few* scheduled substances, like cannabis, that can and do have legitimate medical uses. I would not object to *medicalization* of some drugs--making them things you can get from a doctor by perscription, where there's some control of who gets what and whether or not people get addicted and *out of control* over it. That does make some sense. Keep it at a level where you can still treat it as a *health issue* if you need to.

    But making everything, *Everything*, even the hardest, most addictive stuff out there, 100% over-the-counter legal, with barely an ID check? That's insane. It's nonsense.

    I have to believe that you aren't serious. That you're just saying these things to make *real* proponents of a more rational drug policy look like "crazies". You're not being sincere, you're just making folks who propose rational drug policy look *really bad*.

    Source(s): Edit: And just to be clear. That "three percent" number you pooh-pooh about responsible for *ALL* of the deaths in this country caused by drunk driving. And, in a nation of over 300 million people, gee, that means we have what, some *9 million* out of control, addictive drunks? That's millions of children abused, families ruined, lives ruined....over a legal substance that is hardly addictive. Alcohol isn't crack cocaine. It isn't methamphetamine. Those two are *way worse* than alcohol, way more addictive and way more destructive to your health. If even *One* percent more of the population got hooked on those, apiece, we'd still have 3 *million* new crackheads and 3 *million* new methheads to deal with. Having newly self-destructing addicts on that scale is absolutely *Not* as trivial as you make it out to be, Gentle Asker.
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    I would support the legalization of Marijuana because it is a natural substance that has been used for thousands of years and I haven't heard of anyone dying from it yet. I think that the reason it isn't legal is because major pharmaceutical companies would lose billions of dollars since they cannot patent a natural substance, who would take their addictive medications that cause kidney and liver failure, if they could grow their own natural non-lethal medicine at home? I do not support the legalization of methamphetamine or heroin since they are not natural and cause too many idiots to act out of control while they are under the influence. I am permanently disabled because I was assaulted by a former "boyfriend" while he was under the influence of meth, I never tried it and never will. As far as the fools who answered that they don't want to have a bunch of Americans running around "stoned" out of their minds, etc. What do you think alcohol does to your body? It kills more brain cells than anything else I've ever heard of and more people's lives have been destroyed by drinking booze than all of the illegal drugs put together. Tobacco is the most addictive substance known to man and causes cancer without a doubt, yet our Government subsidizes it. It is all about $$$$$$.

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    yes. i personally am not a druggie. and am against most drugs because i have seen how it can totally **** up your life, but all your points are so true. for a while people would do it the first 3 or so years, but after the hype for drugs wouldnt be so big, just like it is with alcohol and cigs. i mean people do drink but most people arent aloholcics.

    to most epople who said no..

    remember the prohibition era. where alcohol was illegal? it made everything so much more difficult, there was more violence. also if drug were legal, the govt could make them even more expensive then they are now. this way not as many people would buy them. history repeats itself, drugs will eventually be legal at least marijuana.

  • Soleil
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    1 decade ago

    Yes I would support it look at this way the war on drugs will never work....legalization will allow regulation

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    Source(s): There's a reason why they are illegal.. Der.
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    1 decade ago

    you are in fact an idiot....everyone would be too high to even care if they paid their bills let alone taxes

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    1 decade ago

    I do, I think it would reduce the taboo of drugs, and if everyone were to be able to have access to them, it wouldn't be as "bad***".

  • Silko
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    1 decade ago

    yes...make it so number 1

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Completely. U have no idea how much I wanna have herion right now =)

    Lana x

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