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Does anyone know any good Children's clothing stores that are having GREAT sales?

I am slowly starting to buy my Daughters Winter Clothes and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good sales? I have a carters coupon, but was looking for more if I could find them! Thanks! Plus, its tax free days in GA! YAY!

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    Children's Place, get 15% off coupon for them at to save some money

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    The store I found with the most sales (in our area at least) is Childrens Place. They always have a clearance section. They always sell off their previous seasons inventory. When they start to get winter clothes they will sell their summer clothes very cheap. I bought some of my son's t-shirts for 99cents!

    They have a lot of sales online too, but they sell out quickly if it is a big sale.

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    Kohl's usually has some great sales.

    Typically I buy my kids seasonal stuff the season before. I bought both my son and daughters winter coat for this winter in March at JCPenney...I got my son a $68 coat for about $14 and a $48 coat for my daughter for $9.99.

    If you buy as they are trying to move out the seasonal items you can find some AWESOME deals. So I am going to be buying their swim suits for next year soon.

    Source(s): Mom of 2....always thinking ahead.
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    Well none with good sales but Gymboree has very cute inexpensive clothes! They do have alot of sales but I don't know about one now.

    Source(s): I shop at Gymboree!
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    babies r us, wal mart has cute cheap stuff, target, gap is having a sale as is old navy.

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    dat dem dere walmart be won of da fanciest store I eva did saw

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