what is Sweden know for?

i was just wondering what is sweden known for, or what is the country famous for?

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    From the top of my head:

    Beautiful nature,

    Midnight sun (northern Sweden, around midsummer),

    The Nobel prize,

    Hasn't been in war for 200 years,

    Peace loving,

    "Landet lagom" = The country of "ideal medium" (not really translatable!),

    High taxes, but good welfare!

    Kind of left-wing ideals (not the same as communist!)

    Liberal values,

    The Pirate Bay,


    Well educated population,

    Probably the most secular country in the world,

    "Köttbullar" (Swedish Meatballs),




    Björn Borg

    Source(s): I'm Swedish
  • Pepper
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    1 decade ago

    Various and sundry things: Vikings, pickled herring, winegum candy (better known as swedish fish), swedish meatballs, the IKEA furniture company, the midnight supper meals, different musical groups such as ABBA, lingonberry jam, Swedish architecture, heavy uses of salt in food, different sorts of cake, pepparkaka (a type of gingerbread house), socialism (for better or for worse), egalitarianism stemming from a lack of serfdom in the middle ages, the city of Visby, Swedish literature (Astrid Lindgren, Selma Langerlof, August Strindberg, etc), the unique swedish traditional clothing, all different sorts of art, the Swedish accent (which I have due to being 1/4 Swedish and having family members that moved to America in the mid 20th century, I also have other weird factors affecting my accent), having a stereotypically much colder climate than it actually does (it's ranged from -64 Fahrenheit to 100 Fahrenheit, but it's more like Maine than Alaska), the midnight sun in the summer and the northern lights in winter, Ale's stones, the Stockholm Metro (including some monorails). And also, even though it's not Swedish, the Swedish Chef from the muppets. ^_^ There's lots more, but I thought a small sample would suffice.

    Here's also a weird fact: In the first half of the 20th century, more Swedes lived in Chicago than in Gothenberg, the second largest city in Sweden (interestingly enough, Iowa City, where the Swedish branch of my family moved to after immigrating here (actually where most of my family lives, amazingly) isn't all that far away).

    Source(s): Sweden is one of those things I quite enjoy talking about, and something I studied extensively a few years ago until I learned all there is to learn about it. I'd also like to learn the Swedish language some day (although I know a few words and phrases here and there already, I want to actually learn the language).
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    Sweden is known for being confused with Switzerland.

  • Brian
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    It's also noted for a socialistic society that actually works. There is a broad middle class and minimal poverty. Crime is fairly low. Once you get to know them, Swedes are charming, friendly people. Their nation is beautiful and Stockholm is one of the world's most beautiful cities. Head up to Lappland on 21 June for the Midnight Sun on Midsommar day for a real treat. It's a wonderful country. I studied there for a summer, and periodically return to see my friends and get my fill of smoked salmon and reindeer meatballs over pasta with cream sauce.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Incredibly expensive booze! And you have to be 20 to buy it.

    The Smorgasbord

    My favourite spirit drink "Jubileums" flavoured with dill and coriander

    Salmon dishes


    The Festival of the Lights

    Very very long cold Winter nights and very short nights in mid summer

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    Swedish cinema is one of the most widely-known national film industries in the world. This is partly due to the innovation of its early days.

    ABBA and the shop H&M :P

    Swedish people invented great things like the ATM( automatic transaction machine), zippers, the marine propeller, refrigerator, computer mouses, pace-maker, seat belts.

    and of course IKEA is from sweden :)

    also the noble prize is held in sweden..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sweden is know for many things. Stuff you use everyday to stuff you cant live without.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sweden is KNOWN for beautiful women, volvo's, ABBA and other stuff as well.

  • 1 decade ago

    Beautiful women my daughter in law is swedish she and my son have produced a blonde blue eyed grand son for me, my first grandchild i cried when i see him.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Beautiful, beautiful women.

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