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F1 Michael Schumacher Championships?

Out of interest, if the kind of stewards decisions we've seen in 2009 F1 were applied to the races during the 'Michael Schumacher' years, how many championships would he have won?

Thinking of the sort of on-track challenges we see stewards penalize these days verses say, Hill v Schumacher or even the great parking scandal at Monaco and lots of others of course.


Thanks folks.

rosbif, valid points, it's almost as if you have to look at his pre-Ferrari days as another career.

Personally, it would be really interesting for someone to retrospect as scientifically as is practical just to put the matter to bed.

It's an outstanding record, it seems unfair that it can never be challenged.

Me, I struggle to give him two let alone seven.

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    Looking at it the other way, the 1994 world championship would have been over just after mid-season with Schumacher winning between 2 & 4 extra races if he hadn't been disqualified twice and banned for 2 more races...the accident with Hill in Adelaide wouldn't have needed to happen. Schumacher was heavily penalised in 1994, and ended up being champion with only 10 scoring finishes in a 16 race championship - 8 wins and 2 second places!

    I do think that Schumi got away with a lot during his career, but in 1994 and 1997 he was given the punishment which his actions deserved, and they were among the strongest penalties ever given out in F1 history.

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    Michael has been an wonderful motive force ~ i think he thinks he can win the Championship otherwise he does not have long gone returned ~ yet i'm no longer so helpful he can ~ that is totally early days and that i'm hoping issues %. up ~ Sunday became no longer an extremely exciting race in any respect ~

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    Well... if he was doing it these days and driving a Ferrari? No problem!

    Driving a McLaren? He would have been penalised hundreds of times, pointlessly, undermining both the sport and his own efforts.

    How he could get away with taking out Hill to win his first championship, and Lewis got a penalty in Japan '08 for just pushing Kimi and Kovy off the track??!!??!!??!!??!!

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    If he had been suspended for every time he tried to create a massive accident at the start of a race, he would have zero championships.

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