CM Punk or Edge + BQs?

BQ: How many world titles will CM Punk have by the end of his career?

BQ 2: Is this Jeffs last World title reign?

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    CM Punk is a better wrestler, but Edge is superior on the other areas such as mic skill and charisma.

    In Wrestling ability CM Punk undoubtedly outmatches Edge because CM Punk is the more versatile wrestler and he has wrestled all around the world. CM Punk isn't the best wrestler compared to some amazing wrestlers in WWE and TNA, but he has proven that he is one of the most talented wrestlers in the WWE today. Edge has the experience and Edge was a fantastic wrestler before he acquired his neck injury, but Edge persevered and continued to supply us with phenomenal matches. Many people underestimate Edge's true wrestling ability and how great he was before his neck injury. He was one of the top in ring performers of the WWE and he was versatile as well with high flying, mat wrestling, and brawling. CM Punk also has all those traits, but i would consider CM Punk a better mat wrestler then Edge. CM Punk has an impressive mat wrestling game and he has been outwrestled by several superstars, but i don't think Edge falls into that category.

    In mic skills its undoubtedly Edge because Edge is one of the top talkers on the mic and he is just amazing on the mic because of how rapidly he changes his feelings and emotions. CM Punk is great on the mic as well, but he doesn't have equal mic skills compared to Edge. Edge can go from funny to serious and he is entertaining to watch on the mic. CM Punk has cut some great promos and he is great on the mic, but i would say Edge surpasses him in this certain area.

    In charisma the slight edge would go to Edge because he is more versatile when it comes to gimmicks. CM Punk has great charisma because he receives proper reaction from the fans when he's a face or heel, but Edge has been more successful in playing either role. Edge has received standing ovations as a face and a tremendous amount of heat as a heel. I haven't heard many people call Edge boring and uninteresting while CM Punk has received criticism for being dull. It's only recently that many fans became fans of CM Punk because he was hardly talked about until recently. Edge has the slight advantage in charisma and that is evident considering Edge's reactions from the fans.

    BQ: I'm thinking 7-8 because world titles are handed out like hot potato's nowadays and titles frequently change hands. If WWE books him correctly and gives him chances as a main eventer, than i see CM Punk becoming a 7-8 time world champion. It also depends on how the crowd reactions to CM Punk in later years.

    BQ2: I don't think so because Jeff Hardy is going to take a break from WWE and most likely return some time later this year or next year. I see Jeff Hardy returning and Jeff is too popular and gets the biggest crowd reaction, which will enable him to become world champion once more. Jeff Hardy is well over with the fans and he is a huge main eventer in the WWE. Jeff Hardy will receive more world championships because he's marketable and popular.

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  • I would have to say Edge.

    I love CM Punk but Edge to me is just seem better.

    Back then before his neck injury he was simply phenomenal.

    He kept on improving and he made grea wrestling.

    Even though he wasn't in the main event as a face he was just as famous and just as beloved.

    Since his neck injury he had slowed down so he wouldn't get into any serious injury.

    But he still made great wrestling and his main event run every true wrestling fan's an Edge fan.

    He's shape is also interesting.

    He has the huge body that could be used for power but he's not that big to not be able to do highflying.

    He was also versatile before his neck injury.

    He could do technical and highflying but could do brawler from time to time.

    That's only his wrestling skills.

    He had phenomenal promos not only as a heel but also a face.

    You could really believe that he's the Ultimate Opportunist.

    He could also act like the best of them.

    He sometimes even carry segments for his opponents.

    That's how good he is.

    Don't get me wrong I love CM Punk and he's also great in the ring and in the mic but he's lacking something that Edge has.

    That's experience Edge's a veteran in the wrestling ring.

    He just knows more in the wrestling business.

    I would have to say 10.

    That's if he gets to be in the main event and not some transitional champion.

    Right now when being a 6 times champ means nothing anymore in WWE I would have to say 10.

    Maybe because WWE is at the top of the wrestling chain and if Jeff's only chance for income source is wrestling and also with how many fans Jeff has we don't know in the future we might see Jeff back in WWE.

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  • Edge because cm punk, im not gonna lie he is a very talented in ring competitor but he has nothing Against Edge.

    BQ: cm punk will Have no more than 6 world championship reigns if the only way he can win a world title is through money in the bank. but if he earns it like HHH and john cena the i predict he will have at least 7.

    BQ: well if he complains when he loses it and does drugs to make it feel better or leave wwe then yea.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Tough but I can't lie with this so I think Edge is the better wrestler, don't get me wrong cm punk is awesome with talented in ring skills and can defiantly cut a promo, he was so cool in roh, but thing is edge is the better entertainer and been around the wrestling biz longer.

    BQ:At least 7

    BQ 2: I hope not Jeff is very talented and charismatic I could possible see him get 2 more reigns as champion but if the rumors are true that he's leaving after summerslam then yeah this could be jeff's last world title reign.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Edge.I like Edge better because he's a better entertainer & wrestler than Punk...Although Punk is great,Edge experienced way more than Punk,he experienced more ladder matches than anyone in the WWE...

    Edge is more opportunistic & has prolly been wrestling for almost 20 years including his background,which makes him awesome,but I don't think WWE is giving him the credit he should be getting...

    BQ:3 WWE Championships & 5 World Heavy Weight Championships...

    Only because when all the current BIG superstars leave he'll be one of those carrying the WWE on his shoulders & make it entertaining. Although he's a big superstar right now,I find HHH,HBK,Undertaker,Orton,Edge,Y2J are the ones who are carrying the WWE right now...

    BQ2:Prolly because he'll prolly leave after Summerslam,but if he decides to stay I see 1 or 2 more coming his way...

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  • URKO
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Edge is the best


    BQ2:I hope not he deserves way more and put his body on the line many times for the wwe but probbly won't see him again untll December or early next year.

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  • 1 decade ago

    CM Punk.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    CM Punk

    BQ) 2

    BQ2) No Jeff will be champion next year

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  • 1 decade ago


    BQ: I'd say 5-6 world titles

    BQ2: I hope not. He deserves more.

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  • 1 decade ago


    BQ = 5

    BQ2 = I reckon he will have 1 more after this.

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