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Who should play the next Joker in the 3rd Batman Movie?

good evening ladies and gentlemen...So who should it be? some say it should be Johnny Depp or Daniel Day Lewis... or should it be left alone? what are your thoughts?

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    The Joker is Batman's nemesis, similar to Lex Luthor is to Supermen. No series of movies about Batman would be completed without him, but, The Joker does not need to be in every Batman movie. He was in the second movie, so there is no need to include The Joker again.

    There are plenty of villians in Batman comics (which started in 1939) and other media to choose.

    I think Nolan should continue with movies with multiple villians, where the main one is one well known by Batman fans and others that do not follow Batman comics. That is a villian from Batman's classic rougues gallery: Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze. In addition, other villians from the comics, specially if not shown in movies shall be included, example: Thalia Al Ghul, Black Mask, Hush, Holiday, Deadshot, Tony Zucko, etc.

    From the classic rogues gallery I prefer Riddler or Penguin (but without deformed hands). From the others Black Mask may fit well with the dark series Nolan is doing. For a female character I suggest Thalia Al Ghul as both villian and new love interest since Rachel is dead. With Thalia Al Ghul other characters may be considered:

    * Having her get pregnant with Bruce / Batman's son

    * Flash backs of her father (Henri Ducard / Ra's Al Ghul) portrayed in Batman Begins by Liam Niesson?

    * Bring assasins fron the League that her father (Ra's Al Ghul) lead, for example David Cain.

    Bottom line, no Joker, no Two Face in next movies.

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    I think johnny depp will be great

    but it says he will be the riddler if he does it

    althought he is busy until 2012

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    i think they should get someone who looks like heath leger and kill him off early in the movie

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