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當on ,in ,up...擺在受詞後面


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    首先說明一個觀念:介副詞與受詞補語 不相關。

    介副詞使用於片語動詞〈動詞+介副詞〉。例:turn on, turn off, take off, put on, call up, bring up, call on, call off, give up, talk over, give back,... 等。


    1. We called off the meeting due to the bad weather.

    = We called the meeting off due to the bad weather.


    A: David wants me to reture the novel I borrowed from him last week.

    B: You had better give it back to him as soon as possible.


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    Source(s): 多年英語文教學經驗, 多年英語文教學經驗
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    1.動詞 + 副詞 (當副詞用的介系詞) : I jump over.

    2.動詞 + 介系詞: I look after my sister.

    3.動詞 + 副詞 + 介系詞 I look forward to your reply.

    4. John turned the radio on. 屬於第2型用法*****

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