What's wrong with being a racial realist?

America is a country founded on the principles of White supremacy for the benefit of the White race. We need to return America back to a White supremacist

Christian nation if the other races don't like it they are free to leave and move to own countries run by their own people. I am a Republican and this is what most of us believe as did Abraham Lincoln.


I am from New York City. Southerners aren't the only ones that know the racial truth.

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    wow ... the great democrat pretender to be republican... sorry your history is a little inaccurate... america was founded on religious princeples... hard work ... freedom from tyranny ... that includes tyranny of the one or the many... free thought... freedom of the press... freedom from stupidity has yet to arrive so we tolerate it... We as a nation fought white aristocracies during the revolution as well as the civil war... a true republican remains true to the concept of FREEDOM. and that is what abraham lincoln fought and died for ... and of course the union...

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    HAHAHAHA. I hope you're kidding. I'll let you in on a little secret: Jesus doesn't exist; Neither does God. So can you please tell me how being a Christian makes you a "realist"? People like yourself (if you are actually serious with your question) and Glenn Beck are people that make all white people look bad. Sure everyone's free to leave and move to their own countries run by their own people... So why don't you go back to Ireland? Because the last time that I checked, those people that run the casinos in Mississippi were here before any white jackass was. Also, I really love how you capitalize "white" like it's some sort of special word. It's a color, you idiot.

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    America was not founded on principles of "white supremacy"

    That was just the result of a white dominated society. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are hardly white supremacist principles. Slaves were cheap when they came from Africa, and the white supremacist society emerged from political and economic reasons.

    Lincoln, like myself, believed that all men should be free and no one deserves an upper hand because of his or her race.

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    A racial realist there’s a first. Like most racial doctrine you have to accept many disproved ideas as irrefutable fact. It’s not racial realism to accept faulty junk science as evidence supporting old attitudes of segregation.

    The United States wasn’t founded on principals of racism. The intuition of slavery was employed to help build the south through cheap labor. Your logic is evidence that even in New York they can butcher history.

    The South ruined itself and it’s institution of slavery. Had they not forced Lincoln’s hand on secession he wouldn’t have ended the practice of slavery. As it stood he wanted to break the South economically by ending slavery.

    You can’t take racial and attach a describer word that’s less offensive and expect it to somehow be less racial. It’s simple you’re a racist and hardly a realist. What makes you racist is accepting a reality that dismisses humanity based on race.

    The reality is the United States wasn’t established as a white nation and we weren’t the first ones here. If the logic is we all should go back to the places of our “racial” origin many people would be headed back to other countries.

    The problem with your logic is it’s not rooted in reality but solely in your reality that has been formed by taking great license with reality. The one man who took the ideas of supremacy into a tangible reality was Hitler and while he’s likely your hero you can’t have a supreme nation without great violations of basic senses of humanity. There is a reason his actions have been condemned in every nation human nature when challenged on the ideas of racial supremacy resist committing the acts required to reach that final solution.

    You’ve attempted to simplify this idea of a supreme white nation there are acts that must be committed to reach that goal and any one willing to commit those acts isn’t a realist but an inhumane racist who places the utopist idea of fascists in a place of irrefutable fact.

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    Perhaps you are right about the fact that it was founded on the principles of white supremacy, however, many people saw another meaning in the words of the Constitution--a greater meaning.

    People are people. Color really doesn't matter at all. I don't think Abraham Lincoln would disagree with me, either.

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    You are not a true Republican if you actually believe that racial statement. Republicans like low taxes so that all people can decide what they want to do with their money and hopefully people will use that money to invent new gadgets, items or just improve existing items in order to better themselves and help others that might want to buy such product or concept. I actually believe that you are acting like the stereotype republican in which the media would love to see people believe instead of finding out themselves and possibly discovering themselves.

    Source(s): Illinois citizen and military veteran.
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    I have to say your honest about it.Sad part is your premise is flawed.Its funny folks like you feel threatened that a little thing like equality will put you out of business.That throws supremacy out the window.So your saying with out the prejudice you eventually will lose.The way you use the term christian is like saying the freedom of religion should not exist.Sad part is the republican party has become a bunch of hypocrites.It sounds to me like you are a whining custodian working at your local Indian casino.

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    I think the Native Americans would not agree with you on this since America really belongs to them so I guess since you don't like it you are free to leave and move to your own country with your own people.I know for a fact that most New Yorkers are not like you. Did a minority beat the **** out of you and now you are upset.

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    For you to ask such a question simply means that no amount of explanation will suffice, in other words, I don't believe you will understand the answers you get, your mind is made up already.

    And it matters very little if your from New York or the South, that has no bearing on the question at all.

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    u r a seriously racist person. why don't you go back to europe where white people r from? what gives u the right to live here but not people of other races? americans gained a lot from slave and immigrant labor and those slave's and immigrant's children have more right to be here than u. people like you forced africans to leave their homes and be here, and now that they r considered human u want to force them out of their home again. u make me sick

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