Prior Service AF to AFR/ANG?

Prior Service AF to AFR/ANG?

I'm currently active duty Air Force and get out in 2 months. I was thinking bout either going reserve or guard. Worth it? I already talked to an AFR recruiter, and she said deployments are voluntary(a web site where you can pick a tdy or deployment), also, she said if at any point I dont like the AFR i can just simply quit(i can just revert to inactive status again).Is that true?

Need some feedback from AFR/ANG military?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Do you really believe that if you enlist in the AFR, that you can just quit any time you want to ?

    Geez, you wanna by some ocean front property in Phoenix ?

    You really believe that deployments are all voluntary ?

    There are 67,400 members of the Air Force reserves.

    14,000 were called to active duty in 2009.

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