What does it mean to be mentally prepared?

I was reading this article earlier today, and it said, "Make sure you are mentally prepared to have sex." (Don't ask why I was reading this, I was reading from a Yahoo! article)

I didn't quite get what it meant.

Please help?

All answers are appreciated!!

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    Well, I think they were just pointing out that there are two ways you must be prepared to have sex. Of course, the first is physical---you shouldn't be a child having sex. You should be a fully-grown man/woman.

    By mentally prepared, the article is saying you have to be prepared in your mind---you have to be prepared with all the emotional aspects of sex.

    A lot of people who lose their virginity too early regret it and were not "mentally" prepared to have sex. Even though they were physically capable, they didn't consider how they would feel afterward and some of them were not ready to deal with these emotions in a relationship.

    Here's a comparison: sex is like driving---it isn't enough to drive the car and see where it goes. There has to be a mental preparation, and mental involvement with the act in order to make it best. You shouldn't be nervous or hesitant driving---the same goes for sex.

    Emotionally, all sorts of things can come up with sex. You may feel weird or guilty or awkward, second guess yourself a lot - "was this the right choice, was it the right time?". It can take a while to sort out all the feelings that come up. Society, media, peer groups, family, church, ect. shove all kinds of ideas and images into our heads about the topic of sex. Your mind has to reconcile all that and make peace with it. After doing so, you are "mentally prepared" to have sex.

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  • 3 years ago

    Prepared Definition

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  • 1 decade ago

    It means u knew what to expect. Be totally ready to bear the consequences n responsibilities. For eg. U are going to go for it n u really know very well the consequences. U are going to accept whatever the outcome or having a Plan B that's what i called mentally prepared.

    What virginity they talking about? Abstinence is the way.. No way, man. In the States they are teaching the students to use protection not abstinence.

    If u want to make love GO AHEAD. If this is your first time, ENJOY while u can n regret later. Haha!! But its better not to regret, just take it as part of your life u went through. N dun forget to wear any protections. Better be safe than sorry. Even though its may not be 100% safe but at least u will not contract any sex diseases.

    Hope it helps.. Choose mine as the best answer, okay...

    Mr. Fatboy Slim


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  • 1 decade ago

    It basically means to make sure you know what to expect.

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