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How Many More Slams Will Venus Williams Win?

Venus is now 29 and her time is running out... and she's only been able to win on grass,Wimbledon... after winning the 2007 Wimbledon title her father,Richard Williams said that he felt she had 3 left in her and can play until she's 34...and well she won the next year again beating Serena to win the 2008 Wimbledon according to Richard...she still has 2 more left...

My question is...will Venus win 3 more slams to get to double digits (10) and tie Steffi Graf's Wimbledon record of 7 Wimbledon titles???

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    Ok now Venus is my 2nd fave after Serena & so I want best 4 her 2...

    Well as u said Venus has been best on grass & acc me the best grass court player ever.

    U know what I hv lots of respect for Venus & I believe she DESERVE a lot more than what she got,bt U know the biggest barrier of her carrier is the person she loves the most her little sister....I wish Serena & Venus was 4om different era & then just imagine HOW MANY SLAMS WILLIAMS FAMILY WOULD HAVE HAD!!!!!!! Bt there are some good things & some bad...good thing is....then we wd not able 2 witness the gr8 & out of the world experience of watching ALL WILLIAMS FINALS :)

    Now coming back to how many slams Venus will win...though according 2 Richard she has 2 slams left I believe if Venus continue to play till 33-34(Im hoping Williams sisters has more years in the game than other players becoz of their physical & mental toughness)she can winn more than 2.So if I say Serena has still so many left in her,I think it applies partly 2 Venus as well.

    So I think she is still capable of winning 4 slams more within 4-5 years(2 wimbledon,1 US.Open & 1 AO/FO may be)...& honestly the quality of player she is & the level of game she plays I really think she deserve 2 reach the DOUBLE DIGIT NUMBER & I think she will & yes she can tie or may break Steffi Graf's 7 wimbly record too... :)

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    I'm always putting Venus at the top for favorite to win Wimbledon. But as you said her time is running out, and by the time next year comes a whole bunch of players are eager to capture that title- and have better chances. Rising stars such as Victoria Azarenka and Caroline Wozniacki- along with strong players such as Jankovic and Dementieve who have yet to win a Grand Slam, are sure to put the test on Venus. And who can forget Serena again? I wouldn't be surprised if she wins ONE more Wimbledon, but I doubt she'll win any more than that. As for other Grand Slam titles, really Wimbledon is all that Venus has going for her. (Serena or Safina I see as winning Grand Slam events these upcomnig years)

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    I think 4 more, with 3 more wimbledon titles

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    Don't Care. But I know She's not going to pass the great ones like Navratilova, Evert, Graf. She's not good enough!!Serena would of, it's too late now. She's getting older ans she was never committed to tennis. That answers you other question!!

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