Why is the Confederate Flag used....?

Why is the Confederate Flag used to symbolize racists, "rednecks", and otherwise generally used to ridicule "right wing extremists"?


To give a little backround on the lies that have been fed to our children in the public (i.e. Government) education:

1. The African Americans of the time said that "It was safer to live in a Southern State that in a Northern State"

2. Lincoln (The Great Hero) Himself said that his only object in the War for Southern Independence was to "hold (by that he meant force at the point of a bayonet) the Union together" and that anything he accomplished regarding slavery was SECONDARY to that goal.

3. There were (according to the 1830 census) 10,000 African American slave holders.

4. Many FREE African Americans voluntarily served in the Confederate Army.

5. African Americans were segregated from white troops in the Northern Army. They were mixed in the Confederate Army.

If anybody would like to "debate" what i have posted rather than a simple "your a racist" or "Take off your Condfederate uniform" than please e=mail me at lopering_555@yahoo.com

Update 2:

To the person that said, in effect, the war was about "slavery get a load of this:

1. Before the war began most northerns sold their slaves to southerners for a handsome profit.

2. According to the 1860 census there were only 300,000 total slave owners in the Southern States.

3. According to the 1860 census there were some 5 million plus people living in southern states.

4. Why would 5 million people go to war over an issue that affected 6% of the population? The absurdity of such a lie that has been crammed down our throats for years is readily seen.

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    What is now often called "The Confederate Flag" or "The Confederate Battle Flag" (actually a combination of the battle flag's colors with the Second Navy Jack's design), despite its never having historically represented the CSA as a nation, has become a widely recognized symbol of the South. It is also called the "rebel" or "Dixie" flag, and is often incorrectly referred to as the "Stars and Bars" (the actual "Stars and Bars" is the First National Flag, which used an entirely different design).

    During the first half of the 20th century the Confederate flag enjoyed renewed popularity. During World War II some U.S. military units with Southern nicknames, or made up largely of Southerners, made the flag their unofficial emblem. The USS Columbia (CL-56) flew a Confederate Navy Ensign as a battle flag throughout combat in the South Pacific in World War II. This was done in honor of the ship's namesake, the capital city of South Carolina, the first state to secede from the Union. Some soldiers carried Confederate flags into battle. After the Battle of Okinawa a Confederate flag was raised over Shuri Castle by a Marine from the self-styled "Rebel Company" (Company A of the 5th Marine Regiment). It was visible for miles and was taken down after three days on the orders of General Simon B. Buckner, Jr. (son of Confederate General Simon Buckner), who stated that it was inappropriate as "Americans from all over are involved in this battle". It was replaced with the flag of the United States.[15]

    The use of the flag by soldiers came under investigation after some African-American soldiers filed complaints.[citation needed]. By the end of World War II, the use of the Confederate flag in the military was rare.[16] However, the Confederate flag continues to be flown in an unofficial manner by many soldiers. It was seen many times in Korea, Vietnam, and in the Middle East.

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    I assume you are asking this question because some people find the use of such flag offensive. Well, this is a free country. All citizens have certain rights that are protected by the laws enacted by our founding fathers. If we start stripping these rights because we might "offend" someone, we will be in BIG trouble! The confederate flag should be used at any time a person chooses to do so. In the south I have seen it flown over businesses, and less recently over government buildings. For most folks in the south, it is a matter of southern pride. Pride of where they are from and their way of life, much in the same way I see folks displaying/flying foreign countries' flags. I see that almost daily, and I don't hear any guessing/complaints of when and where that should be "allowed". In my opinion, that is much more offensive than seeing a confederate flag displayed. At least a confederate flag represents part of our own nation, a nation that, during it's brief history, has welcomed and accepted people from foreign lands from all corners of the planet to come here and enjoy the same freedoms that those of us who were born here do. It's not a perfect place, but we live better than we would anywhere else in the world! As far as why some people think the confederate flag is offensive -- well, there are wackos out there that use it to display their prejudice. But there are wackos out there that display all different kinds of things to "display" their beliefs, whatever they may be. For example, there is a well-know organization of pedophiles who print literature (pamphlets) and distribute it to tell other pedophiles how to meet and lure children into sexual relationships. Their right to do this has been defended by the ACLU because this is a free country and they have the "rights" to free speech. Personally, I would like to see THAT banned before banning any flag waving!

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    Its all about the history of the flag and what it represents.

    The confederate flag was used to symbolize a separation of the unions during the time of slavery. I'm sure you know about the civil war. The basis of the civil war had to do with the south wanting to secede from the union because the southern population wanted to keep slavery as its institution. However the north would have nothing of the sort, so a war took place during that time. So the flag became a symbol of the separatist movement for the south. As a result it was labeled as a racist symbol because it stood for the south or southerners supporting slavery and anything that kept equal rights between blacks and whites from occurring. So in today's world the confederate flag symbolizes hate because of its history during the time of the civil war and slavery.

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    Technically, it's not a symbol for any of those. Most people just relate it to them because of how the south was in the past, and how most, but not all, confederates were racist at that time.

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