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The pittsburgh pirates...?

Ok...this is just pathetic...the pirates are by no means good..but they trade away their 3 best players this past week (not even counting nate mclouthe) and their 2nd best pitcher(ian snell)...y are they doing this. Its really hard to root for them right now. Of course they traded away bay last year too..What is their logic and are they getting any good players out of these trades

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    Trading away their 3 best players? They're in Last Place in the NL Central with those 3 players, what makes you think those 3 players are that good then? Wilson is making $7.5 million as a no-hit, good fielding SS and is injury prone. Sanchez also has had injury issues this season, has no HR power and will make $8.1 million next season. Snell was pitching in AAA and has the worst attitude in the Pirates system, will make over $4 million next year and doesn't listen to his coaches. The Pirates finally have a GM with a plan and he is getting the talent the Bucs need to compete in MLB in the near future. Why not blow this team up?, it's not like they're the '27 Yankees!

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    Woah woah woah...hold up. First off, Ian Snell was by no means their second best pitcher. He was 2-8 with a 5.36 ERA.

    Secondly, it is spelled McLouth.

    Third, what do you mean they are getting no good players? The pitcher that they got in the Sanchez deal was the 2nd best pitching prospect in the Giants' system, he will be an ace once he reaches the majors.

    Next, Jack Wilson was not one of their three best players.

    They're logic is that they will make a better team in the future. You may say that if they still had Bay, Nady, Sanchez, Wilson, and LaRoche that they would be a playoff team, but not really. That team was together for a year and they were horrible.

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    The owner of the franchise is looking to cut payroll, and at the same time build the farm system. The Pirates actually do have some good young talent, but they are failing to create a roster with stability and are not getting the correct value in return for the trades they are making. By doing this, they are failing to create a roster with any sort of chemistry, and the team is unsure what the goal of ownership is. It also is making the manager look bad because of the team's lack of success, and not to mention that Sanchez and Wilson are the cornerstones of the team, and did not accept extensions. Sorry bro, this team is in shambles. Hopefully new ownership will come soon, otherwise don't expect much.

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    Well their looking at like this, trade away the players that have the most value right now, and that's what their trying to do, get good young players out of these deals. It looks like in some deals they have made, they have good young prospects....specifically, in the Sanchez deal, they received the Giants #4 ranked prospect Tim Alderson, and he is the real deal. I wish the Giants would of gotten more in the deal, then just Sanchez.

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    im a sox fan and wat i can see is the pirates are looking for a good team for the future, they are gettin young prospects i suppose, im not sure and this question boiled in my head the other day.....dont expect anything good yet, theyre looking at the future (5 yrs)

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