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What is th best method to start the fishless cycle?

So far, I know of three ways to start the fishless cycle.

1. Use fish food to 'feed' the tank everyday

2. Get some raw shrimp or fish and let it decay

3. Have pure ammonia and put some drops in

Now with each of them, I read that each has some down sides.

1. I heard that fish food encourages algae

2a. I don't think my mom would allow me to decay seafood in my room

2b. Wont that make me and the fish (after cycle) sick later on?

3. I have to find 'pure' ammonia with no other stuff in it

So which method is the best? Is there another method? Oh! I have a 10 gallon tank with a hood, new filter, gravel and decorations (that will soon add lights and a heater to it later) that will house a betta and maybe some bottom feeders if the betta is friendly. (I don't know if that really matters, but I thought size influence the time laps for the cycle.) Any and ALL input will be appreciated.



ok...there is a fourth way...

4. The bio filter

(down side) Most pet stores don't sell the right kind that actually have the bacteria that lives in it. aka, it is phony.

Note: Everywhere I read says that there should be some ammonia source. Either from these 4 (plus other sources) or live fish. I don't want to use the fish way. Remeber, this is a FISHLESS cycle. Thanks

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    Just let it be with out adding anything to it except maybe dechlorinator, your filter needs to build a beneficial bacteria. To cycle a tank takes 2 weeks or more to speed it up you can get some aquarium plants. Don't use any of those methods you mentioned it sounds like more trouble in the future. Just let it cycle on its own, get some water test kit and check water often to know when is it safe for fish.

    ********OK we know what fishless cycle is! And the bio filter don't come with bacteria in it they made to help bacteria grow so they not a phony. And there will be ammonia in the water without you adding something to it. So just set your tank up, fill with water start your filter and wait 2 weeks for it to cycle. That's what I did with my tanks, I have 3 tanks....

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    This is what I do. I would fill my tank with water and put the conditioner and everything else you need in the water. There is also stuff you can buy that has the bio filter bacteria in it. Once you put everything you need in the water, you let the tank sit about 5-7 days with the filter going. Go out and buy a fish that is hardy like a goldfish, or koi or shubunkin fish. They can tolerate extreme water conditions. The 1 or 2 goldfish you get (even if it's a fish you didn't want to get) will start the cycle and will help the aquarium get the healthy bacteria it needs. Let the goldfish do their thing for a good 2-3 weeks (don't over feed!). The aquarium should then be healthy and safe enough to add a couple other fish (they don't have to be goldfish this time). Good Luck. This has always worked for me and VERY few fish have died on me! You should expect to lose a couple, starting a new aquarium can sometimes he difficult, sometimes it's hard to get the cycle going properly.

    Source(s): Have had MANY new aquariums
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    yea set up your tank and gravel and plants and everything make it pretty. then get a 'fishless cycle' kit at your pet store. you just follow the instructions. good luck =)

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