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Please help friend problem :(?

Ok, so, I have a friend named Liz. From the beginning (2 years ago) she was my BEST friend. I would let her use my 4 wheelers and go-karts, I would buy her ice cream and give her money. She would always stick up for me, be with me, care for me, etc.

Then, she met this new girl, named Cierra. She is the same age as me, and everything. Ever since she met Cierra, she never wants to hang out with me, she's always at her house, always stays the night at Cierra's, and it's like she lives there. She even calls Cierra's mom, Mom! And she calles Cierra's baby brother her "son".. So yeah that's how close they are. I told my mom, and she said, that Liz doesen't know what friends are, because she is always on the go, and that's why she dropped me in a hat for Cierra. Iv'e talked to Liz about it, but she still acts like she lives there, and STILL never spends time with me.

What should I do to get her back? I want her to hang out with me the same way she does with Cierra. Please help me PLEASE!

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    Well, maybe you two have different interests now. people change. And maybe she has more in common with cierra than she does with you.

    You can`t force someone to be best friends with you. So your time will come to find a friend that`ll be really close to you, just like liz and cierra.

    But Liz should know you just can`t drop a friend like that. If she just dropped you like that, then maybe she wasn`t a really good friend anyways. Just keep hanging on! you`ll find someone who really cares about you, more than Liz would.


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    Don't be too hard on yourself because it seems like you've been nothing but a good friend to Liz. It's not your fault that she doesn't hang out with you, she's just simply moved on. You can't make someone hang out w/ you if they choose to hang out with someone else. You've already talked to her and told her how you felt, the "ball is in her court" now. You've done everything you ca already.

    But just move on. I'm sure you have other friends. Yeah, I know. It's not that easy but you don't really have a choice. Have fun with your other friends and once Liz knows that you've made other friend & don't need her anymore, she'll miss you friendship. She may or may not come back to you by then, and you can take her back if you like, but don't let anyone hurt your feelings right now.

    Hope that helped! (:

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    its ok let her have a little space try to get to know Cierra a little better and if you don't like her and your friend doesn't spend time with you still try to find something that all three of you have in common like choir band or soccer and if she still isn't spending time with you maybe its time to find a new friend. Cause if she kinda dumps you like that well maybe shes not your BFF

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    So, you got a taste of life. Sucks, right. Happened to me, too.

    Don't go crazy over it. It's the way people are. Right now, you're hurting. I'd be too. Just know that these kinds of things happen a lot. Don't lose your mind over it. You'll meet a new friend within time. That's for sure. Just be careful how you go about it the next time.

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    I knoe how ypu feel that happened 2 me b4.. but jus like my aunt says friends come nd go.. maybe she wasnt yah real friend in the 1st place if she left you in the dirrt like that.. but jus leave ha be when she realy 2 kum bacc dont let ha bacc in so fast.. let ha learn frum ha mistakesz.. but dont sweat ova it kusz thasz probably how she want you 2 feel.. jus get a knew friend..

  • you should forget about her. if she is going to replace you with another friend than she is no friend of yours

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