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How do you remove or cap the pipe and valve or a steam radiator that has been removed from a room?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Most steam and hot water radiators are piped with cast iron piping. Measure the diameter of the pipe and go to a hardware store, purchase a piece of pipe literally called a cap in the diameter needed (probably 3/4" or 1"). You will also need two pipe wrenches and a material called Pipe Dope, which comes in a bottle with a brush (get one for water, not gas)

    Now, you will have an elbow on one side and a valve on the other. Use one pipe wrench on the elbow. Use the other on the nipple (pipe) coming from the floor just below the elbow. The idea is, you want to hold that pipe still and only rotate the elbow, so you don't rotate the nipple out of the elbow below the floor. Then do the same with the valve. Then, clean the pipe threads on the nipples. Brush on new pipe dope. Now using one wrench to hold the nipple, use the other to tighten the caps on. Wipe off the excess pipe dope and you are finished.

    Captain obvious for a minute: If you cap this pipe, you will not have heat in this room. Also, depending on how your pipes are laid out, any additional radiators on the line may also not work. If this is the case, you can insert a length of iron pipe between two elbows instead of caps, to complete the circuit. This will require a union fitting in the middle.

    Lastly, before buying your materials, make sure the type of pipe you have. In the event the system was re-plumbed with copper, use copper caps. Do not mix copper and iron, as there is a chemical reaction that occurs eventually leading to the decay of the copper (and therefore leaks).

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    3 years ago

    Push down on the cap and twist. you are able to desire to push problematic mutually as twisting. you maximum in all probability have not became the cap all the way. There are 2 "stops" once you twist, one will enable rigidity to launch, the different will enable the cap to return off. this may be a protection characteristic so as that human beings have not got the cap fly off and get scalded whilst they attempt to open a warm radiator. you will % to get the radiator replaced as quickly as a risk. working a Neon with low coolant might reason head gasket failure, whether the engine would not overheat!

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